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Is Burlington Wisconsin another Cahokia? I am
getting closer to these answers
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Sutherland  - Ancient Sites of Burlington
Old New York TImes Article on Earthen
Mounds Finds around Burlington
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Ancient City of Burlington Wisconsin
The Giant Mound Builders of Burlington
Mary Sutherland
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Ancient Mounds of Madison
Mound Cities Spaced Every 50 Miles - Is your
city and ancient Mound City...
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Exploring the Unknown   with
Mary Sutherland
Lost  in Time" "In Search of
Ancient Man -

Sutherland believes that the
human race and all life on
planet  earth has and is being
held captive by a race of creator
gods known as the Anunnaki.
To guarantee and maintain
their control, deals were made
and continue to be made with a
selected group of humans, who
have proclaimed
themselves to be the ‘chosen

Contemptuously they view the
human race as ‘peasants’ and
their secret agenda shows total
disregard for the quality of life
on this planet.

Through acts of genocide and
spilling of the blood of millions
history was re-written and the
identity of the true people of
earth was forgotten in Time.

Sutherland’s upcoming series
‘In Search of Ancient Man’ will
provide proof positive that we
need not look to the sky for the
return of the ‘sky gods’ for the
simple reason they never left.
They remain on earth, hiding in
the shadows using their
‘shepherd kings’ or ‘chosen
ones’ to
carry on their hidden agenda .

 "Serpent headed when the
glamour was lifted, but
appearing to man as men
among men. Crept they into the
councils, taking form that were
like unto men. Slaying by their
arts the chiefs of the kingdoms,
taking their form and ruling o'er
men. Only by magic could they
discovered, only by sound
could their faces be seen.
Sought they from the kingdom
of shadows, to destroy man and
rule in his place." Emerald
Revelations...Truths Revealed In
Search of Ancient Man Series

In accordance with the Jewish
Kabbalists, the civilization of
Atlantis was advanced
far beyond ours and had brought
about their own destruction by
disregarding the
wisdom of the great teachers,
choosing power and
materialism over transcendence.
On the back of a dollar bill, one
can find a pyramid and the all-
seeing Eye of Horus
which strongly suggests that not
only were our founding fathers
the  ‘Followers of
Horus” but believed it was their
destiny to re-build this nation
from the ‘ashes of
the Phoenix’.
Sir Francis Bacon asserted in
his book, New Atlantis, that
whatever was going to be
built in North America would be
Atlantean in its basic archetypal
pattern and destiny
path, and at some point it would
rise to the level of global
dominion. Then it would,
like ancient Atlantis, have to
make a choice between power
‘for the sake of service’
and power for the ‘sake of more
power’… and as it decided, ‘the
fate of the world
would be determined.’
In the writing of this book, it is my
desire to enlighten the reader on
the true history
of North America and our
ancestral heritage that took root
back when the people of
this earth lived together as “one
nation…on one continent( before
it divided into the
continents we have today)
…under the ‘Law of One’…”  
The United States ‘Pledge of
Allegiance’, “One Nation…
Indivisible…with Liberty and
Justice for All” strongly indicates
that our founding fathers not only
knew the true
history of North America, but
believed this country to be the
homeland of ancient
Haunted Burlington Wisconsin
Price: 19.99

Burlington's historical district
rests uneasily on top of
twenty-seven ancient burial
mounds. No wonder everyone
in the seemingly sleepy
Wisconsin town owns a ghost
story or two. Residents have
spotted the White Beast of
Burlington near the old fish
hatchery, bumped into a
Confederate apparition on
Academy Road and caught a
glimpse of the Lady in Blue at
the Malt House Theater. Mary
Sutherland spent fourteen
years chasing local lore
through the underground
tunnels and eerie skies of this
hotbed of supernatural activity.
Now she stands as a ready
guide to the mysteries of the
Burlington Vortex.
The Red Haired Giants Atlantis in
North America
In Search of Ancient Man Series

Evidence strongly supports that
races of Atlantean giants lived in
North America and were the
advent of the smaller races of
modern men and women. As
thousands of earthen burial
mounds attest, constant war
against one another caused their
numbers to diminish and the
smaller, but more numerous
races eventually subjugated
them. "The Red-Haired Giants:
Atlantis in North America" tells
the story of the red-haired giants
fall from grace and their eventual
Giants Gods and Lost Races In Search
of Ancient Man Series

Book Three In Search of Ancient Man
It is beyond our comprehension that
any of the story tales told to us as a
youth could possibly be true. But what
would you do if you were to learn that
these stories may be based off events
long ago forgotten in our history? Mary
Sutherland, the author of “Giants Gods
and Lost Races” takes you and your
imagination back in time when giant
humans walked the earth; Earthly
rulers and gods were riding around on
“flying carpets” warring with each other
and - as the ancient people described-
'having battles by throwing thunder
bolts back and forth.' “Giants Gods and
Lost Races” takes you back to a time of
‘celestial cities and air ships’;
mountains rising from what seemed to
be out of nowhere, destroying many
and leaving others stranded on their
snow covered peaks; strange gods and
even stranger creatures walking
around as half-man and half-animal
Mary Sutherland is an author
and researcher focusing her
work on consciousness
studies, ancient history and
unusual phenomena. She is a
"hands on" researcher and
the creator of one of the
largest website on the
internet with hundreds of
pages providing information
on the paranormal, UFOs,
ancient races and their
cultures, sacred sites and
power points of the world,
underground tunnels and cave
systems, dimensional worlds ,
metaphysics, etc. The
governor of Kentucky
commissioned her as a
‘Kentucky Colonel” for her
work on the ancient sites of
Kentucky. For the last 5 years,
she has been exploring,
mapping and documenting the
ancient underwater structures
of Rock Lake – near Aztalan.
For the last fourteen years
she has been documenting the
ancient sites around
Burlington, WI. Truth is her
passion. She believes it is
through truth that we will
break ourselves free of our
present entanglements in life.
When we become free, we will
create our own ‘personal
story’ of the ‘hero’s journey’
suggested by Joseph

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Lost in Time Revisited
In Search pf Ancient Man Series
284 pages

From ancient superstitions and lore to modern day scientific studies of earth
and her survivors. Book Five of ‘In Search of Ancient Man' Series Through the
pages of her book, ‘Lost in Time…Revisited’, Mary Sutherland shares
accounts of a time when the planets were in collision; creating world-wide
earth catastrophes. Many races of humans and human type life forms were
brought to the point of extinction. For the survivors, life as they knew it was no
Traumatized with fear and a lack of understanding as to what happened to
them they fell into the darkness of ignorance and superstition. Others took
advantage of their plight by subjugating the masses. This was done by
forcing them to accept religions and traditions run by self-ordained priests
controlled by self-ordained gods. A new way of life and laws were introduced,
enforced by god-appointed kings and their appointees.

As time went on, the greedy gods and their appointees warred with each
other forcing the people to take allegiance and help fight on their behalf.
These wars went nuclear, radiating the lands and water, forcing the people
to go underground for protection. A whole geological period has been erased
from the land, leaving behind mere traces of these extinct nations, gods and
‘unknown races of humans’ that we only hear about through lore and
mythology. In this book, Sutherland uncovers the true history of man and the
human-like creatures that may still co-exist with us, making their homes in
Inner Earth and the Underground Tunnels.

She shares with you her knowledge of the Line of Cain, the Giants,
Creatures of the Night and Inner Earth, Flying Crafts known as Vimanas, the
Djinn, Nephilim and much more. Sutherland shows us through the writing of
this book that with the dawning of this new Age, ancient historical texts that
have been hidden from our eyes for thousands of years are now being made

The new sciences have helped us to learn more about explorations of our
ocean floors, land and plate displacements, migration and evolution of
ancient man, space exploration and more. We have now been given an
opportunity to walk away from ignorance and superstition. Today we are
being given information whereas we can intelligently explore the possibilities
of the 'Great Mysteries'.

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Blogs by Mary Sutherland
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"Tony, Tony Rally Round... Something is  Lost
and Must Be Found!"
Saint Anthony comes to us when we feel we have lost a part of ourselves or
when we call upon him to help us find a lost object. In shamanic terms, when
someone has undergone a severe stress or trauma, a part of the Soul may split
off that carries the fear and worst of the pain with it. This may help to cushion
the blow of what one has undergone and yet this also means that the person is
working with less than their whole selves; a vital part of whom that person is
has gone missing and until it is retrieved the person is operating under less
than optimal energy conditions. A Soul Retrieval, when performed properly by a
qualified shaman helps to bring that missing piece back and integrate it into the
rest of the person's soul and energy system. While totem animals and allies
may be called upon to assist the shaman in this process, so may Saint Anthony
be called upon to further support this process.
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Portal Opening Over Brad's Head in the Woods of Burlington 2018 September
Our Realities are based off Energy ... Everything
is Energy
Our thoughts not only manifest the energy we live
in but can manifest in other dimensions.
If you can think it, you can create it.
‘Lost in Time, The Rise and Fall of the
Great Empires of Atlantis and
 is a real eye-opener, filled
with information that has been thought
to be lost and forgotten.  Through its
pages, author and researcher Mary
Sutherland again provides the seeker
with missing information of our ancient
past that was purposely removed and
historically fabricated for the sole
purpose of manipulating the masses.

Through the study of ancient texts,
hands on research, local lore and
legend, lost and rare books, the author
provides exceptional information
relating to the physical and spiritual
evolution of mankind. She also helps
the reader gain a greater
understanding of ancient traditions,
including the darker side of man’s
history that have been swept under the
proverbial rug far too long, such as
genocide, incestuous procreation and
marriages, human sacrifice and

Sutherland informs the reader of the off-
world Anunnaki by exposing their
motives behind creating and
manipulating a race of human slaves
controlled by their other human-hybrid
creation we still biblically celebrate as
the illustrious ‘Chosen Ones’ or
‘Shepherd Kings’.  The reader will be
surprised to learn the true nature of the
‘Chosen Ones’ beginning with the
Flood survivor ‘Noah’ whose bloodline
had not been corrupted by ‘man’.  

‘Lost in Time’ takes the reader back to
the days of ‘Abraham’ and explains
how he became the ‘Father of all
Nations’ and to ‘Joshua’ and the first
genocide ordered by the ‘God of Israel’.
It exposes the truth behind the forced
migration of the Canaanites to Africa
then up into Europe or across the
ocean into North America where they
left their mark as the ancient copper
miners, the great mound builders,
known to the Native American Indians
as the ‘Hu-Kadesh’ or ‘Toltec’, the
precursors of the ‘Mayan’ and ‘Aztec’.

‘Lost in Time’ introduces the ‘Giants of
Old’ and the ‘MtDNA Haplogroup X
group’ proving that Atlantis did exist in
North America. It details what the
author calls the ‘red-haired gene’
carried by the line of Cain who
produced the royal kingship line of blue-
bloods. Where the Bible’s story of Cain
leaves off, ‘Lost in Time’ picks up and
gives evidence that the people of Cain
were the metal workers, the builders of
cities and producers of Kings. They
were not only highly intelligent but were
technologically advanced with
aerospace capabilities!

Finally and most importantly, ‘Lost in
Time’  provides the amazing history of
North America ‘proving’ it to be the
‘Motherland’, home of the ‘Great Atlan
(Atlantis) Empire’ and home of the
‘Serpent People’ known as the shape-
shifting ‘Nagas’.    Price 21.99     253
Lost in Time, The Rise and Fall of
the Great Empires of Atlantis and
Temporarily Out of Print