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I have done 'extensive' research in the copper mining of Michigan and Wisconsin.
and have come to realize that we do have the copper here.
and 'possibly' in and around BURLINGTON, WISCONSIN
( The Rock Lake Pyramid  may be our Northern Connection to the  Og Circle we are looking for)
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As of this week, it now seems I have found an area where extensive copper  and diamond mining
was  going on outside of Burlington.
In the area of Voree where Prophet Strang found the Brass Plates .
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Hopefully one of you may have more answers and will share them with me.
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Mary Sutherland
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Calcite Crystal
It is an energy amplifier. It is said to help the
mind and body to remember information
brought to bear during astral travel and
channeling. It is useful in multi-directional
energy distribution; the energy forces directed
at the mineral separate and return at double the
intensity. It gives a polarizing prismatic energy,
which produces a spectrum of energy to clear
and to activate all of the chakras.
Inlaid calcite was used on the throne in the
Tomb of Tutankhamun c.1340 B.C.E.
1669 Erasmus Bartholinus (Denmark).
Discovered double refraction in calcite
1828 William Nicol (Scotland). Invented a
polarizing prism made from two calcite
components. The device became known
subsequently as a "nicol prism"
When you hold a square calcite over a line it will
appear to double the line. This ability will help
you by doubling the power in all spell work.
Fact:  The two stones are often found mixed together creating beautiful patterns. They are found wherever there are COPPER
The name azurite comes from its beautiful blue color (azul means blue in Arabic). The ancient Egyptians used it as a make-up for the
Azurite is believed to fortify memory and intellectual receptivity. It is believed to help ease rheumatism.
Malachite is ALSO believed to ease rheumatism. It is a symbol of creativity and is used to make one conscience of fears and desires.
It is also good for lending extra energy to magickal spells, guards against negativity and depression, calms and soothes. Enhances
the ability to give and receive love. Increases business success, money. Promotes sleep. Protection against physical danger,
especially in children. Draws out impurities, balances left and right brain functions, evil eye protector, all purpose healer, especially in
solar plexus and good for healers. Success and good fortune, especially in business, attracts money, protects your creative ideas,
stimulates thyroids, aids in weight reduction, protects during travel.
Pyrite Crystal
Iron Pyrite is also known as 'fools gold' for it often fooled the
early gold miners. Iron Pyrite crystals are used as amulets by
the North American Indians who believe in the magical powers
of this protective stone.  The ancient Mexicans made mirrors,
one side polished flat, while the other side was strongly
Iron Pyrite is a very protective stone on all levels. Should be
carried when performing dangerous work. Pyrite is also a
mental stone, used to stimulate the powers of the intellect.
Common in medium-low temperature hydrothermal veins
either on its own or with gold, sphaleite or galena. Also found
in sedimentary rocks, especially black shales where it often
replaces FOSSILS
Sphalerite on Marcite
Sphalerite is one of the very few minerals that has a total of six
directions of cleavage. If all of them were to be perfectly cleaved on
a single crystal it would form a rhombic dodecahedron.
Sphalerite's structure is analogous to the diamond structure. If
every other carbon in the diamond structure is replaced by a sulfur
atom and the remaining carbons are replaced with either a zinc or
an iron atom then basically the mineral is sphalerite.
Sphalerite is by no doubt the most important ore of zinc .
Used for the making of BRASS AND BRONZE  and for --
Inspires relaxation, reflection,
spiritual development, focus and
clarity. It encourages past life
recall and awakens ancient
(You can refer to Mikael's Circle that he Made to give you an idea of the power within the crystal and copper
- Note the Crystal on the Copper Staffs)
This is what has been discovered in Burlington and surrounding area.
Peters Quarry and Eagle Lake
( Photos are the actual photos taken of the gems found in Burlington)
In 1903 , an irregular rounded 2.11 carat diamond was found in Burlington (Hobbs, 1901); Cannon and Mudrey, 1981). Previously a 2.06 carat
white twin was reported found there in 1897. (Eckert, 1980 )

Hi, Mary and Brad,
Thanks again for the wonderful tour of the sacred woods. Karen and I were very happy with our experiences and will keep an eye out for future insights as well.
I  told you about a golden diamond I thought was discovered in Burlington, Wisconsin. Turns out it was found 'near' Burlington in Eagle Wisconsin; which is why
it was called the Golden Eagle. Here's a short article on it.
Love and light, Aziza  (Elizabeth Parsch)

Eagle Diamond

A gemstone, variously reported as 15.37 and 16.25 carats and described as "a dodecahedral form with triangular and circular markings on the
faces," found in the town of Eagle, Waukesha Co., in 1876

While digging a well on the site where the town's water tower now (2007) stands, workers unearthed a brilliant, 12-sided stone "of a warm sunny color." It was
picked up by resident Clarissa Woods, who thought it might be valuable. She took it to Samuel Boynton, a jeweler in Milwaukee, who suspected it was a topaz,
bought it for $1.00, and took it to Chicago for analysis. The pebble was actually the largest diamond found in the U.S. up to that time, prompting Mrs. Woods to
sue Boynton (unsuccessfully). Boynton sold it for $850 to Tiffany's in New York City, and then quietly leased the hillside where it had been found. Under the
pretense of chicken farming, he erected privacy fences and started to systematically mine the hillside. After several years of fruitless digging, he salted the
location with inferior gems to attract investors for his Eagle Diamond-Mining Co. There was even talk of renaming the village Diamond Town, until no more
gems were actually found. [1]

Meanwhile the Eagle Diamond remained at Tiffany's. In 1889, Tiffany's curator of precious stones, G.F. Kunz, organized an exhibit called
"Gems and
Precious Stones from North America" for the Exposition Universelle in Paris.
The collection of 382 items won a gold medal, and J.P. Morgan bought it
for the American Museum of Natural History.
The Eagle Diamond was exhibited at the Museum until 1964 when a thief called "Murph the Surf" stole
hundreds of gems in a daring midnight robbery. Though nearly all the stolen jewels were eventually recovered, the Eagle Diamond was never
found, and is presumed to have been cut into smaller stones and dispersed. [2]

[1] - "Diamonds found in Wisconsin." Milwaukee Sunday Journal, May 01,  1927. Eagle Businessman's Assn. Dr Bill Cordua, Professor of Geology and
Mineralogy, UW-River Falls.

[2] - Chicago Tribune, July 9, 1884, and June 30, 1895. New York Times, Feb. 1, 1902.

American Museum of Natural History (

Vanity Fair had a long article on Murf the Surf.
The 50th Anniversary of New York's Most Sensational Jewel Heist
Under Orion
As Above, so shall be Below   -  Under Orion
One hundred and fifty years ago there were approximately 20,000 Indian mounds in Wisconsin alone
A very special "Thank You" to Kent Steadman for his work on the Orion Project and Wisconsin Mound Map
Kent gave us a very valuable piece to our Burlington Vortex Puzzle!
Check out his site at
The ancient sky patterns of groups of stars are divided into 48 constellations. The constellation of Orion is well known for its significant role in archaeo-
astronomy as being one of the major star groups which, align with strategically placed sacred sites, especially as relating to the Great Khufu Pyramid
situated on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. In ancient Egyptian mythology the first Egyptian Gods to walk the earth were Osiris, the son of Nut (sky goddess),
and Geb (Earth god), who was symbolized by the constellation of Orion, the brightest group of stars in the sky, with the greatest number of stars above the
2nd magnitude. His sister Isis, daughter of Nut and Geb, was symbolized by the first most brightest single night-time star Sirius, of the nearby Canis Major

The Great Khufu Pyramid has 11 angles of defining points derived from the external faces and apex of the pyramid along with interior shafts extending
through the pyramid to the exterior faces. There is an invisible line called a meridian projected outside and above the pyramid which joins and aligns all of
these angles.

In geometry, a triangle exhibiting two equal sides is known as an Isosceles triangle. An apex is the highest point of anything. Straight line alignment is a
direct path without variation from one point to another.

Mark Vidler has uniquely combined all of the above elements to demonstrate how apexes of specific sacred sites, mountains and geographical sites create
and direct a straight line alignment pointing to the most brilliant stars grouped in particular constellations following the sky path or meridians of the
corresponding parallels on Earth. Vidler has also found a pattern of geometrical Isosceles triangles expressed both in the brilliant star patterns in the sky
and our world's most highest peaks and most significant ancient sacred sites. When the celestial grid is superimposed on the Earth grid their geometric
patterns correspond to each other as if they are reflecting one another or, in other words, mirroring each other. This is where Vidler deduces his
Earth/Star mirror theory. He uses the straight line alignments of strategic points, angles and apexes on Earth, sacred sites and monuments, and follows
their direction into the sky to see where their path may lead. He inevitably always finds the alignments point to the most brilliant stars in our night sky and
that Isosceles triangles are displayed throughout the geometry expressed by both the layout of the surrounding stars, and the corresponding geography
or ancient structures here on Earth.
As above, so below.

With the use of a Sky Map computer program he has figured stellar coordinates and their relationship to specific terrestrial sites dating from 2450 BC up
towards the 22nd century. He rigorously plots his coordinates and often works within 1/50th of a degree in error. Sometimes out of curiosity he rotates the
stellar precession 30 degrees forward and still finds the reflective Star/Mirror relationship with constellations and sacred sites. He combines these findings
with ancient myths, texts and murals, and presents the possibility that ancient peoples could predict celestial events of significant value which, are
important to humankind to understand as they may be precursors to either great sociological spiritual awareness, or intense cataclysmic cycles.

He forecasts the stellar precession ahead to the year 2000 AD and further in time to show synchronistic stellar events and star epochs of particular
constellations mentioned in ancient mythological texts. He focuses on Egypt and displays some ancient hieroglyphics and murals which, impressively show
in detail, the actual alignments and celestial events to futuristically transpire due to precession. One example of the precession of stars and ancient
Egyptian myths is that of Osiris (Orion), having lost his penis because a giant Nile perch swallowed it up, thus, he was unable to produce seed. However in
the year 2080AD, the stars forming the dagger of Orion, being considered Osiris' phallus, become completely upright and erect enabling Osiris to produce
seed again for the first time in over 10,000 years and spread his seed over the Valley of the Kings. The ancient Pharaohs foreseeing this astronomical
event, and believing they were direct descendents of Osiris, prepared for their life after life by providing empty tombs and chambers buried underneath
the sands of the Valley of the Kings. These empty Pharaoh's tombs have laid patiently in time waiting to catch the seed of Osiris in the Pharaoh's hopes of
being reborn again as a star.

Vidler's studies are global and he shows the congruency between other cultures' legends, sacred sites and geographical aspects to stellar alignments and
triangular geometry. Chinese pyramids, Mayan temples, North American Indian mounds and many other global sites reflect directly back to the sky's most
brilliant stars. He shows how the ancient mound of Silbury Hill and the ancient ditch and stone circle of Avebury, located in the Wiltshire District of England,
depicts an eye and that the star Eltanim, the most brilliant star of the constellation of Draco and known as the eye of the dragon, directly mirrors these
sites during specific times of the stellar precession. He concludes that this is indeed a fact: that the Earth and sky mirror each other and the ancients knew
this and left behind a form of straight line communication to the stars to help direct us to intellectualize and realize our cosmic stellar heritage.

His use of graphics of murals, hieroglyphics, pyramids, geometry, geography and star maps are beneficial to the reader and Vidler has gone to some
extreme lengths to exhibit his theory by showing in detail important images of the Star/Mirror relationship. He shares quotes from ancient texts from various
cultures and curiously they really seam to be prophetic in as much as conveying futuristic stellar events as well as expressing an understanding of the
underlying internal triangular geometry. Vidler expresses much enthusiasm for his work and reveres it as one of the most extraordinary discoveries of our

Mark Vidler's work is highly controversial among some academia astronomers and archaeologists. Despite this somewhat hedge-fall, Vidler pursues his
studies with great vigor and esteem and continues to exhibit and demonstrate some rather uncanny synchronistic Star/Mirror relationships.

In his closing 'The Last Word ', he states, "… a series of numerical equations that cannot readily be attributed to serendipity. None the less I am at a loss
to describe this union between Heaven and Earth without a symbol for divinity appearing in the equation itself, and no such symbol exists in modern
science. So perhaps the most successful way to communicate this enduring faith intellectually is, after all, to build a great mountain under a brilliant star."
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