Historical Tour
On this tour, Mary Sutherland takes you to see Mormon ,Historical Homes and
Landmarks  of Burlington and Voree.
She will show you the old underground railroad and entrances to the ancient tunnel
systems of Burlington.
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The Haunted Woods Tour - Personal Tours with Author and Researcher Mary Sutherland
"Experience the Burlington Vortex"
On Tour Brad and Mary Sutherland teaches you the Art of Detecting and Photographing the Subtle Energies.
Both Mary and Brad Sutherland have learned how to 'Detect and Photograph' the subtle energy that are ordinarily
outside the range of the human conscious perception. Their 'superconscious perception' quickly picks up the
shifting energies around them . Through psychokinetic energy of attention (focused conscious awareness),
intention and emotion, they photograph these subtle energies around those on their tour.
Psychokinetic energy is the energy of ;the 'Collective Consciousness' - Conscious; the Unconscious and
Super-conscious awareness . It is a form of energy that we, and every living thing, individually and collectively
transmits and receives, from moment to moment, as we exist.
Most however, do not understand this ability and never tap in to its potential. On tour, Brad and Mary teaches you
just how to tap into this phenomena - whereas not only will you be able to perceive and photograph spirit around
you but you will carry this knowledge with you  after the tour, and be able to use it for future experiences.
You must schedule a tour with us by contacting 815 367 1006, email us at
b.sutherland@mediacombb.net or
facebook private message.
Photo shows tour participant's etheric body leaving physical body and sitting behind her in another plane.  We call
this either phase shifting or time/space displacement.
This is a common occurrence in the woods, where the energy is high and the veil is thin.
Ancient Burial Mounds Tour
The mounds were built by an ancient race that pre-existed the Native American
People. They understood the energies of earth and knew where the doorways were
that opened into the other dimensions or worlds. Mounds were built on these
doorways. Later the Native Americans built their burial sites around these locations.
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Haunted Cemeteries Tour
Burlington has some very 'unusual' cemeteries. Many of them were built on portals or
gateways into the other worlds. These spirits use these doorways freely to cross over
from one world into another.

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The Week - Walworth
Read what  Reporter  Donna
Lenz Wright and
Photographer Terry Mayer
had to say about our Haunted
Tours and Vortices
The Journal Times
Read what
Reporter Janine Anderson
has to say about Burlington
Research Center and Tours
Brad and Mary Sutherland
248 Carver Street
Winslow, Illinois 61089
815 367 1006

Wisconsin Paranormal
Watch this Film
Documentary on Haunted
Burlington and Wisconsin
'A Town to Experience'

Why seek adventure and mystery by going to the  Pyramids of Egypt - Ireland - Stonehenge or the Oregon Vortex when Burlington Wisconsin can offer you even more!  Yes- you read correctly -

Ancient Earthern Mounds of Burlington Wisconsin attract both the professional and amateur archeologist. Although the Kennewick Man has been made famous as the  oldest archeological find of
ancient man in North America , he is only a child compared to  ancient man found only miles from Burlington. Kennewick lived 9,000 years ago, while radiocarbon dating of our ancient race of man
goes back to 11,000 B.C. (Author and ancient race researcher, Mary Sutherland,  is now attempting to prove and document that Burlington may have been the home of the  legendary Atlanteans.)

Right outside the city limits of Burlington is the old Mormon settlement of Voree. The congregations of the Morman Church speak of Voree as the 'promised land' or 'The New Jerusalem'- a place they
are to return to during the 'end days'.   Here we find the great legend of the
Mormon 'Brass Plates' which Prophet James J. Stang discovered buried in a hillside beneath the roots of a giant oak tree
off  Mormon Road .

Burlington's White River is known as the
River of the Dead . A unique Mormon tradition is  the practice of Baptism of the dead by Proxy. During this event, a 'living'  Mormon  temporarily assumes the
names of a deceased and undergoes baptism in their behalf.  You can locate this area by standing at the Bridge in Burlington and looking to the South. This River and the Fox River are the two rivers
flowing through Burlington.
Our rivers show a magnetic phenomena whereas  one river flows into town and the White River's currents flows  'north' out of town.

Taking a walking tour of Burlington, notice  the symbols displayed in the architecture of it's buildings...old and new alike. Don't let this town's sleepy appearance fool you - Its "Alive" in the Occult!! .  
Relax folks -  Occult simply means 'hidden' .  For those in 'the know' and has an  understanding of the 'Occult Mysteries' and 'Symbology' you will quickly see this town has a story to tell - If you don't ,
then take our tour and we will explain to you some of the hidden meanings behind the symbols and 'why' they remain hidden to the general population.

For you Paranormal Hunters, The Burlington Cemeteries are known as the most haunted cemeteries in the state. Walking by the Burlington Public Cemetery one gets a horrible feeling of being
watched and followed.  There is also a small cemetery on Browns Lake Road that was built on an ancient burial mound. People have reported being chased out of there by some mysterious entity
with red glowing eyes. . For photographs of ectoplasm and orbs the smaller cemetery simply known as Potters Field is the place to go! A reminder though - Cemeteries are off limits after dusk -
Please do not disturb.  Although our police will go the extra mile to help one of our visitors in need , they will not hesitate to issue you a ticket if caught in the cemetery at night.

The Famous Underground Railroad in Burlington is only the 'tip of the iceberg' as to what these tunnels were really used for. In my book, Mysteries, read who the tunnel builders were , why they built
the tunnels , who used them and why they were sealed.  Oh did I mention Al Capone and his men used to use themto deliver prohibition  liquor to the local 'Speak Easys' .

Burlington offers the Cryptozoologist their  famous 'Bray Road Beast' , a Wisconsin Werewolf.
Unlike the Hollywood depiction of the Beast, he does not 'kill and mangle' humans, but is very illusive. According to eye witness accounts he/she runs at the sight of humans and prefers small game
and livestock to human flesh.  Burlington has had its share of 'Wisconsin
Big Foot' Sightings as well.  Boners Lake reported a 'White' Big Foot! as well as a 'White' Buck Deer .
Do you think it is a shapeshifter?

Speaking of Magical creatures, a mile from Burlington is the 'Magical Forest' where we have actually photographed  Wood Nymphs, Sprites , Fairies and Elves. Brown and Eagle Lake are known for
their portals creating time/space distortions. Many residents of the area have heard the sounds of drum beats and Native American chanting. One resident saw a village appear  out of nowhere ,
showing people walking around and doing their daily chores.  At Eagle Lake, there is a particular place you can stand, which will activate a portal or doorway into another dimensional world. ! We
have  wonderful inter-dimensional photos from the activated portal area!

Burlington, Wisconsin is in a very rare phenomenon known as a 'Rainbow Vortex. While most vortices generally remain the same size , a 'rainbow vortex' keeps growing, becoming more and more
Although vortices are unseen by the physical eye, the following photos will provide you with the general idea of what a vortex looks like and how they move about. Notice, just like a tornado or dust
devil, they pull everything in and then scatters the debri about inside its funnel.

The Burlington Vortex is very sacred and the land it is on is considered sacred.

"Even though a vortex is considered by science as a geophysical anomaly, indigenous peoples from all areas of the world, knew of vortex energy and revered these locations as sacred sites. The
ancients knew how to work with a vortex to achieve a better understanding of self and of spirit. They also knew that vortex energy held the potential to help heal mind, body and spirit.
Somewhere in our history we have set these old traditions aside, feeling that we no longer needed them. We were wrong. Now, many of us are trying to find and reawaken the communicative harmony
that naturally exists between human, Earth energy and Creation. Vortex energy is only one of many Earth energy sources that may complete this trine."  Shirley MacLaine

Sacred Sites stimulate our consciousness and enable perception of realms normally not visible to humans. Electromagnetic waves of earth energy occur at frequencies just below the range of human
hearing. These waves are called the Shuman resonance factor. They occur between 3 and 6 hertz, which happens to be in the range of the delta waves of the human brain. Biofeedback instruments
and medical EEG tests demonstrate this frequency. This is amplified along Ley lines, stimulating modifications of consciousness, enabling perception of realms usually invisible to humans, but
altogether real.
Many people go to the Earths Sacred Sites hoping that the energy will trigger a paranormal experience. These experiences include interdimensional communication with spirits, and contact with 'Star
The vortex experience itself is a learning process, from which we can learn new ways of perceiving reality. According to the Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castenada, Don Juan believed the world
to be an illusion that forms itself to fit the belief and expectations of the observer. Master ufologist Jacques Vallee, in Messengers of Deception posits similar belief, that ETs come to our reality
through portals and assume the shape that best suits the beliefs of the observer.
Alfred Watkins coined the term Ley lines, in an attempt to define a complex network of straight lines connecting ancient sacred sites and mountains. These lines can be found at the Mounds built by
the Ancient Mound Builders . . Bruce Cathie has even measured the strength of these coincidental lines, and created a world chart of them. Sites such as Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Ancient
Mounds and the Eqyptian pyramids are all linked in a master convergence of a grand coincidence. Such places as mentioned collect and emit energy that can be used as an interdimensional portal
by beings from either side.
In Celtic mythology, the ancient mounds or sidhe were portals to an otherworld, accessed by astral flight or perhaps through actual travel (in UFOs) within an electromagnetic field where the leys
converge (inter-dimensional vortex.) This is an organized grid, in the shape of tumuli and stone circes, interconnected by ley-lines or dragon lines (meridians) which channel the fluctuating etheric flow.

The mound builders placed monoliths, dolmens and henges (gateways) at locations that form interlocking grids. By connecting these sites, the map begins to reveal that the earthworks produce
geometric patterns in the shape of five pointed stars and some seem to map out constellations, upon the surface of Earth. Chambered mounds, comprised of alternating rock (inorganic) and soil,
(organic) are orgone accumulators and concentrate energy, some emit sound waves, while others blank them out. These frequencies may have a positive effect on the bio-rhythms of someone within
the chamber or enhance altered states of consciousness.
Detecting a Vortex
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It's a shame really, humanity invests its spirituality in dogma and concepts, but once you see the real thing, the true multidimensional world, then you come alive. You open to a
hyper-dimensional image of self, beyond the restraint of dogma and old, dusty concepts that were cast in stone a thousand years ago by old men. Ignorant men: sexists, elitists,
racists; violent men, men who wanted to control spirituality to profit themselves not to set humanity free.
The time of dogma in stone is coming to an end.
Stuart Wilde 2006

The kingdom of heaven is within you; and whosoever shall know himself shall find it.

The way to Christianity for the early inhabitants of Britain was traced by Nature herself, and from Nature to Nature's God. St. Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians, writes, "Howbeit that
was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual."

Strabo observes that the care of worshipping the Supreme Being is great among the British nation; and the history of Hume records that no religion ever swayed the minds of men like
the Druidic.

(33) It has been said that the Druidic Circles cannot, in strictness, be termed temples, for the Druids taught that there were but two habitations of the Deity - the soul, the invisible - the
universe, the visible. The word 'temple,' in its primitive
meaning, is simply a place cut off, enclosed, dedicated to sacred use, whether a circle of stones, a field or a building.

In the old British language a temple or sanctuary was called a 'caer', a sacred fenced enclosure. The stone circles or caers of Britain were therefore, essentially temples and held so
sacred by the people that reverent behaviour in their vicinity was universal. Joshua, it will be remembered, by God's command, erected a circle at Gilgal (circle) immediately upon the
arrival of the chosen People in the Promised Land.

Phase Shifting and Out of Body Experiences
In order to adapt, we must allow our bodies to alter their resonant frequency to match that of the earth. The process of adaptation is blocked by negative emotion, so we must become compassionate,
and generate unconditional love. Shortly before Earth Shift, some people may achieve resonance in advance of the mass of humanity, and their "mer-ka-ba fields" - counter-posed tetrahedronal
fields - will counter-rotate and merge to form a saucer-shaped light body, carrying those people into the fourth dimension. This is the Rapture. Sacred sites are places of a low magnetic field, allowing
an easier- alteration of frequency; (for confirmation of this, see Places of Power by Paul Devereux).

I have found an interesting piece of information that may corroborate the above theory. Bob Monroe, a pioneer- of techniques to induce out-of-body experiences, states that when an OBE is
occurring, the body’s polarity or electromagnetic field reverses itself. This has been witnessed by Michael Hutchison, observing experiments at the Monroe Institute. If the Earth’s magnetic
field reverses, would this trigger the mass of humanity to have an out-of body experience?

(The Practice of Recording the 'Effects' of Psychokinetic Energy using Photographic Equipment)

On Tour Brad and Mary Sutherland teaches you the Art of  Detecting and Photographing the Subtle Energies.

Both Mary and Brad Sutherland have learned how to 'Detect and Photograph' the subtle energy that are ordinarily outside the range of the human conscious perception.  Their  'superconscious
perception' quickly picks up the shifting energies around them . Through  psychokinetic energy of attention (focussed conscious awareness), intention and emotion,  they  photograph  these subtle
energies around  those on their tour. .

Psychokinetic energy is  the energy of  the 'Collective Consciousness'   - Conscious,  the  Unconscious and Superconscious awareness .  It is  a form of energy that we, and every living thing,
individually and collectively transmits and receives, from moment to moment, as we exist. Most however, do not understand this ability and never tap in to its potential. On tour, Brad and Mary teaches
you just how to tap into this phenomena - whereas not only will you be able to perceive and photograph  spirit around you  but you will carry this knowledge with you . after the tour, and be able to use
it for future  experiences.

Radionic Photography!!
Radionic Photography is a very rare and suppressed technology. This type of photography involves the combination of photography with radionic/psychotronic technology. This can become a very
powerful tool once fully understood and applied.
Via the radionic component of this science, one is able to take REAL photographs of things, places, people, substances, energies, events (past and present), etc. But what is unique about this
technology is the fact that it is done remotely; meaning that the goal to be photographed does not have to be anywhere near the radionic camera. Thus, a
photograph can be made of a person (for example) when the person is hundreds of miles away from the radionic camera (via a witness of the person). Not only can this type of camera be used to
photograph people and places remotely, but this technology can also photograph energy patterns, dimensional realms and even thoughts!! For
example, by simply tuning into the cruxifiction of Christ, one can obtain a photograph of the event.... or even a photograph of the thoughts of Christ or others during this event.
In a way, radionic cameras are implementing a form of remote viewing; with the mechanisms being able to grab any pattern or knowledge found within the Collective Consciousness. But please note
that the mechanisms of these cameras include, most importantly, the mind mechanism of the person using the camera.

These tours are special in the very fact that Mary Sutherland, world recognized author, lecturer and researcher, shares with you valuable 'inside' information of which the public and even most
researchers are not familiar with.  Sharing with you her knowledge of the Ancient Races, Earthen Mounds, Metaphysics, Inter-dimensional Physics, Theology and Mythology , Local History ,
Paranormal , Inter-dimensional Photography ,  and Cryptozoology , Sutherland pulls you  into a magical world filled with mystery and adventure.
Monies taken in via these tours are used to help provide the needed funding used by Burlington Research Center in their research and efforts for  public education .

Brad and Mary Sutherland
248 Carver Street
Winslow, Illinois 61089
815 367 1006
Enchanted Forest  Tour
4 Hours of Dimensional Shifting, Surfing the Vortices, Experiencing the Enchantment
of the Fairies and Little People. Visiting Rock Mounds, Earthen Mounds,  Sacred
Circles, Burial Grounds, The Goddess Realm, Places of the Guardian Spirits and
Portals (doorways into the other worlds)  Finished with a trip to the Center to view
photos and get a copy of your FREE Cd of photos taken of your tour.
Yes - We also do them in the Winter
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Mary Sutherland, Director
and Guide for Burlington
Vortex Tours.
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Ok - I went on the Haunted Woods Tour
"What in the World Happened to Us out There!"
What were those crazy lights that surrounded us?
What are the 'ethereal' snakes and what happened to us when we got bit?
How were you able to project us into another dimension by putting us in that
'astral spin?'
Does it hurt to go into another dimension
What happens to us when we are in the other dimension?
Can we get out of the other dimension after we enter?
Would you please explain who the 'green man' is and can we PLEASE see the
video of this time traveler or space entity that was walking around us while in the
sacred circle?
Are there bigfoots in the haunted woods or was it the bray road beast...or was it
something yet to be explained?  Why do they throw sticks and stones at us if we
get to close?  (So far they have never hit anyone)
Why does this area attract so many ufos?
Why are the ufo's scanning us while in the woods?
Who is the blue shamaan?
Who are the ancient ones and did they practice human and blood sacrifice?
Please explain the sinkholes, tunnel systems and bottemless lakes in that area!
Can we please see more photos of other people that have shifted into the other
Can we please see more photos on those that have done the 'astral spin'?
Explain more about the fairy kingdom that is in the woods and show the photos of
your fairies
Are there negative entities out there and will they hurt us.
What can we do to protect ourselves out in the woods?
Can we over protect ourselves?

These are just a few questions that are now answered on the following websites.

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Haunted Woods Tour
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"Experience the Burlington Vortex!"
"One of the Strongest Vortices in the
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The above photo bears a striking resemblance to both the ancient pre-historic sites of Aztalan and Cahokia.  Although you cannot see it in this photo, just like Cahokia and Aztalan, the Hillcrest Mounds
faces a large lake known as Echo Lake which is fed by Honey Creek and the White River.
Photo on Left is Cahokia Mounds - east of St. Louis MO
and the Photo on the bottom is of Aztalan which is almost identical to the
Hill Crest Mound
of Burlington
Although it would be impossible for me to do a full investigation with my limited finances, we can go off what earlier archaeologists have theorized what these ancient cities may have looked like. Following are
some artist depictions of the ancient cities.  Could Burlington have been as populated as Cahoka - The local Indians stated that when they first arrived here in the Burlington area, there were white people
already living here and they were as many as "the leaves on the trees".  
 So Yes - Burlington was heavily occupied prior to the Native American Indians.  The Indians referred to these people as 'The Ancient
Ones' more
commonly known as the "Allegwi or Tallegwi"
New York TImes Article on Earthen Mounds Finds around Burlington Wisconsin
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BRC School of Higher Learning
Virtual School  for the  Studies  of  
Earth Mysteries , Giants, Little
People, Multi-Dimensional Realities,
UFOs, Paranormal, Ancient
Mysteries, Mysticism , Prophecies......

The BUFO Files Mary Sutherland
delves into subjects, concepts, and
planes of consciousness that few
spiritual teachers ever dare to
consider or share with the public
Learn more about Mary Sutherland and What She Teaches by Going to the BUFO Files
by Mary Sutherland
Burlington's historical district rests uneasily on top of
twenty-seven ancient burial mounds. No wonder
everyone in the seemingly sleepy Wisconsin town
owns a ghost story or two. Residents have spotted
the White Beast of Burlington near the old fish
hatchery, bumped into a Confederate apparition on
Academy Road and caught a glimpse of the Lady in
Blue at the Malt House Theater. Mary Sutherland
spent fourteen years chasing local lore through the
underground tunnels and eerie skies of this hotbed of
supernatural activity. Now she stands as a ready
guide to the mysteries of the Burlington Vortex.