In Search of Urban Legends and Lore
Volume 1 No. 1 July 26, 2019

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Featured Articles

Rh Negative Blood and the Bloodline of the Tribe of
Danaan (Tuatha de Danaan)  

The Promise of the Bird King

Every Town has a Story  
  • Haunted Galena, Illinois -
  • Illinois State Beach Park Resort – Our Stay at the
    Haunted Resort
  • Zion Illinois - The Haunting of Shiloh House
  • Apple River State Park and the Town that
    Disappeared without a Trace

The Origin and Evolution of Bigfoot
In Search of Bigfoot and Dog man  at Avon Flats  
How I became a Ghost Hunter
Burlington Haunted Cemeteries
Archaeological Evidence Submitted by Followers
Burlington Haunted and Historical Tours
Detecting Vortices  
Letters to the Editor 25

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