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Volume 1 No. 3  August 18, 2019  

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The “Nvnehi” …They Walk Among Us – Yet Unseen     
There are entities that inhabit  a place that exists between the
physical and astral realms. These astral realms are
inhabited by further varieties of elemental beings and also by
the souls and astral shells of the dead.

Self-Empowerment Workshop with Mary Sutherland
From the Caterpillar to the Butterfly                             

Copper Based Bloodline of the Royal Blue Bloods      
The reason these First Royal Families were called Blue
Bloods is plain and simple - They actually did have blue
Their blood was not hemoglobin based which is common in
most human species, but copper based.

The Canary Islands and the Canaanites                       
Through evidence of their travel, their trade and culture, the
CAN-aanites can now not only be linked to Europe, the
Americas and the Mid-East, but to the CAN-ary Islands

Cougars in the Midwest                                                
DNR Reports No Cougars, yet we have cougars!
Illinois State Beach Park and Resort

Illinois State Beach Park and Resort                           
One of the most haunted resorts in Illinois,
Yet also known as a very sacred site the Native American
Indians used for their Fire Ceremonies.

Great Sauk Indians and the War Chief Black Hawk         
The Sauk Indians Date Back to the Great Battles of the Gods
documented in the Vedic Texts!

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