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Volume 1 No. 5 September 28, 2019  

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Documenting the Strange Phenomena of Burlington's Haunted Woods

Ghost Stories  
•  The Banshee: An Irish Legend - 1
•   Leopold and Loeb: Chicago Thrill Killers - The Haunting on Darrow's Bridge  
•  Hell Breaks Loose Creepy Theories about the Servant Girl Annihilator -
Legend of the Jack-A-Lope

The Kickapoo Valley -
•  The Earthen Mounds and Human Sacrifice
• Sacred Fire Ceremonies
•The Gardens of Eden, Cradles of Humanity
•  Garden of Eden in Wisconsin – 45
•  Ancient People and Mounds of Gays Mills
•  Kickapoo Valley Ancient Mounds and the Mound Builders 50
•   Karsts Caves and Sink Holes of Crawford County
•  Rattlesnake Hunters of the Kickapoo
• Evidence of Ancient Travels found in Viola

Evidence of Poseidon found in Lake Michigan

Legendary Sea and Lake Serpents

Cut marks on Mammoth proves Wisconsin has earliest evidence of man

Creating your Life through Entitlement
Changing the World with Thoughts followed by Deeds

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Legends Magazine - In Search of Legend and Lore .
Every Town Has it's own Story
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