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Documenting the Strange Phenomena of Haunted Woods

The Pyramid and Ley Lines of Burlington Wisconsin

Warps vs Vortices and Paranormal Hotspots

The Hill of the Dead

The Mysteries of the Caves along the Wisconsin River -
Boaz-Gotham-Muscoda and Aztalan

Montezuma's Treasure in Illinois - Aztecs in Wisconsin

The Kickapoo Valley Sacrificial Mounds

The Hopi Legend of the Ant People and their Connection to the Anunnaki

Legend of Count Dracula and his Creatures of Darkness

The Vampire of Crogland Grange- True Story

Murder, Mystery and Ghosts along Chicago's North Shore

Legends of Werewolves and Hell Hounds on the Moors

The Cave of the Cats

The Djinn

The Chicago Fire of October 8 1871

The Time of Transformation

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