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Haunted Wisconsin - UFO Wisconsin
Excerpt From Burlington Mound Builders by Mary Sutherland Copyright@2004 -2007

Located outside of Burlington Wisconsin, Bong Park is extremely high in paranormal activity, as is most areas where you find underground tunnel systems and ancient
mound works.  Spectral lights are witnessed in the woods northeast of the dog trail area. Many have witnessed UFO sightings in this area. There is also cultist activity here
in the northeastern section of the park . This would be in the ‘no vehicle zone’ off of existing trails in the wooded area off of old Hwy 75.  This is the second most
dangerous part of Bong Park.
The most dangerous section is the fully intact but sealed underground tunnels. We have heard many stories of paranormal activity here such as manifestations of spirits,
strange mists, unidentifiable noises and strange lights. Access to the system is strictly forbidden by Federal Laws.  I am now working with a client that may have
experienced multiple abductions from this area.  Our investigation of this area is still ongoing.
Take the  blue trail from the beach and head to the S.E. side of the lake, by the big oaks and the huge gully. Talk about a powerful place, Same with Vista picnic look-out area!

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Some people deny
allegations of an underground
facility, while others  that have
lived here in the area insist
that one exists.
Click Here to watch video of
these witnesses talk about
the underground base and
where they have heard it is
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Richard Bong AFB, Kenosha County,
Wisc., about 35 miles southwest of
Milwaukee (designated 1955, abandoned
while under construction. 1959; excess
1960) Like many new northern tier Air
Force bases in the 1950s, Richard Bong
AFB was going to be an ADC
fighter-interceptor base but was taken
over by SAC as it sought to disperse the
bomber force. SAC assumed "jurisdiction,
control and accountability" of Bong from
ADC on June 5, 1957, assigning it to the
Eighth Air Force, and perhaps intending to
base B-58s there. SAC's 4040th Air Base
Squadron was assigned as the base
housekeeping unit on August 1, 1958.?
The base and the squadron were
transferred to Second Air Force on
January 1, 1959.? Construction was
suddenly ordered stopped on October 2,
1959, because, as Secretary of the Air
Force James H. Douglas told the people
of Racine, "Finally we realized that by
1961-62 when Bong would be ready, we
would have several other medium
bomber bases empty of squadrons and
we really don't need Bong." (New York
Times, November 5, 1959, "House Unit
Visits Abandoned Base".)?
Haunted Bong Recreational Park
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