Gods, Giants and Lost Races of the Appalachians
by Mary Sutherland
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Reaching Heaven –
One of the underlying messages in the story of the Tower of Babel was God’
s anger that these builders were creating a tower to ‘reach heaven’.   Today it
is difficult for even the most devout Christian to buy into the story that heaven
is located in the clouds above and one could reach it simply by building a tall
enough building or tower.  Yet, ‘Reaching Heaven’ seems to be an important
term used multiple times not in the bible but in other ancient texts.  So pulling
back the superstition that encases this story, let’s look at what the term really
means.  According to the Wikipedia the term “Reaching Heaven” is a
common description in Temple Tower inscriptions. The name Babylon
derives from the native Akkadian ‘Bab-ilu’, which means ‘Gate or Gateways of
the Gods’.
Based off these descriptions, the purpose of the ziggurats or great Temple
Towers, such as the one in Babylon, was a dimensional gateway or portal. It
may have even been a “Transport Stations” for the gods.
NEW - November 2020
Gods, Giants and Ancient Man of the Appalachians

Gods, Giants and Ancient Man of the Appalachians
focuses on the very little known history of Gods, Giants and Early Man in North America, specifically in the
Appalachian Mountains. As you read, you will realize that in the case of our past, ‘Truth is much Stranger than any Fiction one could possibly imagine!
We grew up having heard the childhood stories of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ where he encounters a Land of Giants.  But what if I told you, these giants were not born out
of the stories of our youth, but actually walked the very soil we call home. Even today, giants are born to the ‘Women of Earth’, through recessive genes.
Where have we heard stories of Gods procreating with the women of earth, resulting in Giants being born?  Yes, our Holy Bible! But not only there, these stories of
women bearing giants are told and written about around the world.
The Bible references giants by name through its pages. One of the most spoken of and taught in our religious instructions is Goliath, the Giant that David slew. The
one that is most spoken through his acts of saving the creatures of the world through building an ark during the time of the Great Deluge is Noah…yet how many of you
know that he and his family were ‘Giants’?  Yes… you read me right…Giants!
According to the very account of the biblical Enoch, it is written: “This child who is born to you shall survive on the Earth, and his sons shall be saved with him. When
mankind on the earth die, he shall be safe. "And his posterity shall beget on the earth giants, not spiritual, but carnal. Therefore inform Lamech that he who is born is
his child and he shall call his name Noah, meaning 'survivor'."
It is through the birth of Noah something happened that started the cover-up of our ancient past that continues yet today. As this book gives evidence of, the reader will
realize that with the birth of Noah, a plan for the destruction of earth and its surviving bloodline was put into play.  And so it was, through the descendants of Noah, a
line of ‘elected or chosen ones’ were born who created secret societies around the world that moved among the masses, communicating with one another through
secret codes and symbols.
From these Giants of Old, a new world came into existence with Noah and his sons, assembling a one world government and global trade conglomeration, of which
we know today as ‘Atlantis’.
In this book, I connect Atlantis, the Giants of the Bible and the mysterious Anunnaki Gods who ruled over the lands of the Appalachians, known as the ‘Great Atalan
The antiquated name of the Allegheny Mountains, part of the Appalachians, was ‘Loka-Lokas’. Beyond them was ‘The Great White Land’, the seat of the Great Atalan
Empire (Western Atlantic Empire). This included Kentucky and extended from Lake Ontario in the north to the Mississippi River.  The Atlantic shores were called
Locuta, or Lachacuta, which were uninhabitable due to the arid soils emerging from the receding waters of the Great Flood…
This book is an amalgamation based from the extensive research I have done on the subjects of Ancient Man and Races in North America. This book provides little
known yet all-encompassing information that I have uncovered on the Anunnaki Gods, sea-faring giants, Hinduism and Brahmanism cultures of North America and
importantly how ancient man not only survived amidst all obstacles brought on by the subjugation of foreign rulers but actually thrived.
It is time to realize that our ancient ancestors provided us with an important legacy for us to learn from and live by. It’s time for all of us to remember who we are and
take pride in our true ancestral roots.

151 pages
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