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Burlington Vortex Conference     Burlington, Wisconsin   A Creation of the Burlington UFO & Paranormal Research Center and The Sci-Fi Cafe  
Did you know that Burlington WI is one of the most haunted towns in the

Did you know that Burlington is built over 27 Ancient Burial Mounds?

Did you know that Burlington has a Rainbow Vortex?

Well if you didn't know that you probably didn't know that the Burlington area
has one of the most numerous ufo sightings in Wisconsin.

Or that... Burlington is catacombed with underground tunnels with strange
inter-dimensional creatures living in them. Creatures such as the Bray Road
Beast or the white bigfoot type creature out at Boners Lake.

Most likely you weren't aware of the 'Magical Forest' near Honey Creek
inhabited by Wood Nymphs, Sprites and Elves.

Or that..Brown and Eagle Lake have portals that open up into another place in

Most important of all are the secrets that its citizen hold of time past. The
secrets of the ancient mound builders and their occult practices that have
made this town what it is today...The Most Haunted Town in the USA!

For more information on Burlington Wisconsin  purchase
"Mysteries...Exploring the Mysteries of Burlington and Southeastern

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ghosts, interdimensional portals, underground tunnels and more!

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Mary Sutherland
We would like to extend a special Thank you to all the speakers, guests, merchants, media, Mayor of Burlington and the
Chief of Police for our successful turnout at the 2008 Burlington Vortex Conference. Our out-of-town visitors and
speakers loved the conference, our little town and the vortices surrounding the area. The conference was a lot of work but
worth every minute of it and we look forward to everyone here again next year.
Brad and Mary Sutherland
Watch this site as we put up photos from the 2008  Conference
"See You Next Year at The Burlington Vortex Conference!"
Tot Parade October 30th
Contestant in Pet Costume Contest
Contestant in Costume Contest
Phyllis Galde (Fate Magazine) taking a rest from the
conference at Haunted Woods
Bonnie King checking out the Voree Plates located
outside of Burlington
Phyllis Galde (Fate Magazine) checking out the fairy
village in tree - Yes date on camera is wrong.
Photo was taken at 2008 conference
Stanton Friedman, Heidi Hollis and Don Schmitt enjoying
the Burlington Vortex Conference
Blanche speaking with Peter Moon at   Burlington Vortex
Conference  = Frank Joseph sitting at table
Mary Sutherland sharing a personal joke with Phyllis.
Frank Joseph and his beautiful wife Laura
Steve Sullivan from "Uncanny Radio" was our
videographer for the Burlington Vortex Conference
"Thanks Steve!"
Mark Enneper (left) was kind enough to contribute
his limo (once President Reagans VIP limo) and his
time to drive our guests around town. We all came
to love his great personality and generosity while he
was here. We miss him and can't wait for him to
come back to Burlington for a visit!
Dr. Claude Swanson grabbing a quick bite between
'meet and greets' and speaking on 'Paranormal
Photographing the burial tree near the Haunted
Woods  outside of Burlington
Jerry E.Smith  at the Conference's Meet and Greet
Jerry helped us obtain a slide projector from David
Childress Hatcher for Stanton Friedman's
presentation.  Thanks Jerry and David!
Bonnie King speaking with author and speaker
Bonnie Meyer at Burlington Vortex conference's
'Meet and Greet'
in Dobie Maxwell's 'Dented Can'
A Loving Mothership
The Mothership Connection
By ItsMrLucky
Nov. 3, 2008 at 9:50 a.m.

Sunday November 2nd, 2008 -
Vernon Hills, IL/Burlington,
WI/Kenosha, WI

All kinds of running around today. I
had a one day comedy seminar
scheduled at Zanies in Vernon Hills but
only two people showed up. There
was some confusion on the day for
some reason and apparently a few
people showed up yesterday instead. I
need to organize.

I’m trying my best but I’m
having a hard time keeping everything
straight. I’m trying to come up with
more lessons and streamline the ones I
have and keep my booking schedule
together and try to be the King of
Uranus and it’s piling up too high
for me to keep track.

I’ll get it done though. This is a
great challenge. I love challenges. Itâ
€™s up to me to put a plan together to
make sure I’m covered in all
areas. I feel like I’m a football
coach of my own life. I can hire
coordinators and position coaches but
I’m the one who calls the shots.

I’m just getting back started with
classes so I’ll figure out how to
best promote and put a schedule
together as it goes. Trial and error has
always been how we got people out
for classes and that will continue. The
ones who come are glad to be there so
that’s not at all the problem. I just
need to get on the same page and have
some people working with me.

Since there was no full seminar I drove
up to the Burlington Vortex
Conference for the last day of lectures.
I finally got to hear Stanton Friedman
speak live and he was riveting. It was a
very well received event and those
who were there sure got their moneyâ
€™s worth.

Scott Markus and Lara Schafer are my
co-hosts on the Mothership
Connection and they were both there
too. We got our picture taken with
Stanton and a few of the others on the
program for our website and it was all
a great opportunity to make contacts
for the future.

After the conference we went to a
restaurant in Rochester, WI which is
supposed to be a lightning rod for
haunting. It was close so we decided
to check it out for future live shows or
a ghost hunt with the Wisconsin
Paranormal Investigators who weâ
€™ve had on our show.

We didn’t see any ghosts, just a
few people at the bar drinking spirits
watching football. We ate our dinner
and I just thought about how much fun
this whole show is. Scott is the perfect
co-host for this because he’s really
organized and loves ghost stories. He
wrote his ghost book and also is a film
maker and he’s very bright. Lara
really adds to the show too.

It’s good to have a woman’s
voice in the mix and she’s not a
bubblehead at all. She can ask a smart
question out of the blue and doesnâ
€™t have to be coached. Plus weâ
€™re all into all the topics we talk
about because they’re interesting.
Are ghosts and UFOs real? We’d
like to find the answers and talk about
it on the radio in an intelligent and
entertaining fashion.

We had a strong show all night tonight.
We’re getting more and more at
ease on air as a team and I knew we
would. Gary Pansch showed up too so
we had a full studio but that’s not a
problem. He always adds to the mix
and we had a fun time. Filling two
hours wasn’t always easy but now
we’re rolling and it’s no
problem. We’ve got something
with this.
Thanks guys for the nice review!  See you at the conference next year!
On October 31, 2008, Kenosha Paranormal was
invited to be a part of The Burlington Vortex
Conference 2008 in Burlington, Wisconsin.  The
paranormal conference was hosted by the Sci-Fi Cafe
(Brad and Mary Sutherland, proprietors) in historical
downtown Burlington.  On the premises were many
reknowned speakers and authors; Stanton Friedman,
Sherry Strub, Heidi Hollis, and Tecomseh Brown
Eagle are just a few.   On site also were Phyllis Galde,
Editor-in-Chief of Fate Magazine, AM1050 WLIP's
The Mothership Connection radio crew, and Ed
Shanahan.  Many friends, and other people who were
just curious, stopped out there to say hello to us and
show their support.  We met some very nice folks, the
weather was beautiful...and we had a great time there
that day.  Special thanks to the host and hostess, for
having us out there for the conference.
Thanks Fate Team for the Review! See you next Year!
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The Amazing Godwin
by David F. Godwin
(December 2008)--This column is unusual in that it consists
primarily of a conference report—but a conference report with
implications. Editor-in-Chief Phyllis Galde and I attended the
debut of the Vortex Conference in Burlington, Wisconsin, over
the Halloween weekend. The meet was organized by Mary
Sutherland, “everybody’s mom� and the leading
figure in promoting the weird wonders of the town.

And Burlington is weird. No doubt about it. Wisconsin as a
whole seems to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, but
Burlington has it all in spades.

Just for starters, the city was built around 1836 on ancient, pre-
Colombian burial mounds. Later, it was the headquarters of an
offshoot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

In 1843, after the death of Joseph Smith, James Strang  differed
with Brigham Young on the right of succession and formed his
own splinter group in Voree, Wisconsin, in what is now
Burlington. To solidify his claim, he asserted that he had
received another special revelation carved on tablets, the so-
called Voree plates, dug up in 1845.

The site of the plates’ discovery is now commemmorated
by a brass plaque mounted on a boulder. It is in the woods
back of a cow lot. If you don’t know where it is, you would
never find it. It is not marked on the highway and no signs point
to its location.

For another thing, the basements of Burlington all seem to be
connected by a mysterious series of underground tunnels. These
were reportedly used by the Underground Railroad before the
Civil War and later by Al Capone for the purpose of smuggling
whiskey. But no one knows their true origin or purpose.

On the first night, Mary took us on a tour of a nearby
woodland, the location of many strange energies. I had trouble
keeping my balance on the dark, rocky trail, as if I were being
nudged or shoved. We stood in a circle, where the above photo
was taken. A double exposure (with a digital camera?), or astral
bodies slipping out?

Burlington is just plain strange.          

David F. Godwin is the Managing Editor of FATE and author
of numerous articles, columns, books, and other materials
Thanks Tecumseh for the review
Chief Tecumseh Brown-Eagle;
Burlington and the Burlington Vortex
Conference 2008

After several radio show conversations
prior to the Vortex Conference Mary
invited me  to Burlington Wisconsin.

Never having been to Wisconsin, I did
not know what to expect.  Burlington,
with my eyes soon to be wide open, I
found to be an oasis in the middle of
nowhere.  Why on earth would someone
place a city in this place?

After arriving  at the Sci-Fi Café  I
was greated by my sister Mary
Sutherland. (Wow what a beautiful and
warm place! )

During the conference  we had the
opportunity to go to  what is termed the
"Haunted Woods".  I personally believe
those woods are like one of many
antennas to other dimensions.    You can
feel a magnetic yet bend in time and
space.  I could feel how different this
place was. It reminded me of my visit
inside the great pyramid in Egypt. That
night after eating and back at the hotel my
roommate Peter Moon suggested we get
earplugs due to my heavy snoring caused
by the clean ionized air.  I was so rested
and at peace after my visit to the Haunted

The next day at the conference, it seemed
that time stood still, yet the time change
would not take place until later that night.

While visiting one of the  most profound
Tai Chi School, I ran into someone who
was taught out west by another Erie, PA

The conference was total class with the
most profound individuals on the
Ufo/spirit matter connections ever
assembled. It would rival any conference!

Next was the tour of the city of
Burlington, WI. This was given  by Mary
who pointed out not only the secret
tunnel system but the above ground
layout of an out-post and the 6 figure
layout of the city.  From the houses to the
businesses, the mystic tower, the
Masonic lodge,  to the streets,  how time
is bent when crossing an area, the smell
of chocolate, meeting of the good
reverend  and the total spiritual aspect
including the mystical numerical codes of
the roads and routes.  It has trains,
waterways, underground tunnels,
American Indian burial and ceremony
mounds.  This place had all of the
mysteries of ancient and modern beings
and inter-extra Galaxy travel.  I was so
overwhelmed and will need a few more
visits and an opportunity to bring some
people with me so I can monitor their

Tecumseh Brown-Eagle;
Chief of The Erie Indian Moundbuilders
Tribal Nation
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