Elven Currents - The Oz Factor?

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Haunted Burlington Wisconsin
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Burlington's historical district rests uneasily on top of
twenty-seven ancient burial mounds. No wonder
everyone in the seemingly sleepy Wisconsin town
owns a ghost story or two. Residents have spotted the
White Beast of Burlington near the old fish hatchery,
bumped into a Confederate apparition on Academy
Road and caught a glimpse of the Lady in Blue at the
Malt House Theater. Mary Sutherland spent fourteen
years chasing local lore through the underground
tunnels and eerie skies of this hotbed of supernatural
activity. Now she stands as a ready guide to the
mysteries of the Burlington Vortex
Elven Currents - Could this explain the OZ Phenomena?
Mary Sutherland
Have you ever noticed strange streams or strings of light in your photos.

Some paranormal researchers call these lights ‘ super-charged orbs’ and claim they are the
researchers greatest evidence of the after life. A name I prefer is ‘Elven Currents’.

Dr. Robert Neil has explained them as a ‘paradigm symbiosis and interaction. Where the images
meet, a central being is formed which embodies the interaction creating a flow or exchange of

*Symbiosis: noun (pl. symbioses) Biology interaction between two different organisms living in close
physical association, especially to the advantage of both

In the words of Dr.Robert Neal Boyd, “Elven currents strike me as not being particularly of an object,
but the spaces BETWEEN objects. Not the emitter of forces…but the area of interplay between
forces…so much so that one could think of that space between being it’s own force..

Think of the space between two gravitational areas…which is not of one gravity or the other, but the
area where they meet. That feeling of surface tension,
that turbulent stillness.

That is the area where the senses mingle and cross their borders….and where the living forms
interact and strengthen each other. This is the mind of the elven sort…a realm where everything is
deepened by the influences of other flows, where the turbulence brings it’s own balance.”

Mary Sutherland