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Lost in Time
In Search of Ancient Man
Jerry Pippin Interview : The Ultra-Terrestrials Walk Among Us
Listen to the Jerry Pippin Show Interview Mary Sutherland Wed September 29th at 9 p.m.
"Lost in Time " is Book One in her Five Book Series "In Search of Ancient Man" -

Author and researcher Mary Sutherland believes that the human race and all life on planet  earth has
and is being held captive by a race of creator gods known as the Anunnaki. To guarantee and maintain
their control, deals were made and continue to be made with a selected group of humans, who have
proclaimed themselves to be the ‘chosen ones’.

Contemptuously they view the human race as ‘peasants’ and their secret agenda shows total
disregard for the quality of life on this planet.

Through acts of genocide and spilling of the blood of millions history was re-written and the identity of
the true people of earth was forgotten in Time.

Sutherland’s upcoming series ‘In Search of Ancient Man’ will provide proof positive that we need not
look to the sky for the return of the ‘sky gods’ for the simple reason they never left. They remain on
earth, hiding in the shadows using their ‘shepherd kings’ or ‘chosen ones’ to carry on their hidden
agenda .

"Serpent headed when the glamour was lifted, but appearing to man as men
among men. Crept they into the councils, taking form that were like unto men.
Slaying by their arts the chiefs of the kingdoms, taking their form and ruling o'er
men. Only by magic could they be discovered, only by sound could their
faces be seen. Sought they from the kingdom of shadows, to destroy man and
rule in his place." Thoth - Emerald Tablets
Thoth is known in mythos as a God of the Egyptians, later
adopted by the Greeks and re-named "Hermes."  He was
known as the "Scribe of the Gods," and as such, was the
recorder of all human deeds. He has also been  equated
with the biblical prophet Enoch.  The Egyptians depicted
Thoth as  Ibis-headed and ancient texts claim that Thoth
was the architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The most
famous book  attributed to him  is "The Emerald Tablets"
and  it is in this book he gives us the warning of "Those
who walk among us - but aren't us - a Master Race of
Illusionists known as the "Ultra-Terrestrial"
Thoth with Chimera
Thoth the Atlantean was
Imhotep. The ancient
records of Dan records
Enoch (Imhotep) mining
chocolate colored granite in
the Wisconsin area used as
decorating stone for the
Egyptian  pyramids. In
recent years  a pharaohs
sarcohagus was found
made out of this chocolate
colored granite.
The Ultra-Terrestrials

  • If Ultra Terrestrials can exist "above" or "beyond" space time, they can easily see us and manipulate our thoughts and realities.

  • Most can't see them at all, some only see them in the most crude manner... but some have been given the privilege of not only
    seeing them but photographing them .

  • Ultra Terrestrials comprehend and operate within the  higher levels of dimension than we experience, thus we lack the
    understanding much as a monkey could never understand that time and space are actually two parts of the same dimension, as
    human scientists have discovered.

  • Jacques Vallee and John Keel, support the ultraterrestrial theory, pointing out that these supernatural beings  have been reported
    throughout history. In previous eras they were called gods, angels, ogres, fairies, brownies, little people, demons, and more.
What the Ultra-Terrestrials and Secret
Societies know that Joe Public Doesn't -

  • One can gain invisibility with the use
    of clouds. Clouds or bodies of mist can be
    called out of the invisible to surround a
    person and thus shut him out of the sight of
    others. This secret practice is still taught in
    the mystical schools of today.  Written
    literature on this subject supports the
    statement that the cloud is the basis of the
    Rosicrucian invisibility secret. Reference:  H.
    Spencer Lewis, the founder of the Ancient
    and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis in San Jose,

  • Another offshoot of the Rosicrucian
    fraternity, the Hermetic Order of the Golden
    Dawn, left manuscripts describing the Ritual
    of Invisibility. These manuscripts talk about
    surrounding yourself with a shroud, which is
    described as looking like "a cloud."

  • It is said that Madame Blavatsky, of the
    Theosophical Society, witnessed this
    invisibility for herself and was actually given
    the secret, thereafter accomplishing this for
    herself on several occasions in front of
    witnesses. The literature on the Spiritualists
    in the U.S. shows that there is no doubt
    they, too, knew about the cloud and its

  • The Rosicrucian manual tells us that the first
    form into which spirit essence concentrates
    preparatory to material manifestation is
    electrons. When spiritual essence gathers
    into very minute focal points of electrical
    charge (due to certain conditions), we have
    the creation of electrons. Science reports
    that such a cloud of free electrons will
    absorb all light entering it; it will not
    reflect nor refract light waves, nor are
    light waves able to pass through a human
    being. Consequently the observer’s eye
    sees nothing there and the person
    surrounded by such a cloud is invisible.
    Since light is necessary for human sight,
    when there are no reflected or refracted
    light waves bouncing off a person and
    hitting the observer’s retina, the person is
    not able to be seen and is not visible under
    normal circumstances.

I learned about the ultra-terrestrials using clouds
by accident while photographing UFOs in the
Burlington Area.
This was a large gray that was following me around in 2005 .  I got this when I was standing
outside my office photographing a UFO that had been hovering over Burlington .  Note the
green/yellow cloud around the figure .In  Photo Two I  applied an infrared filter.
Looking for the "Invisible Ones" Always look for the cloud and then check out what stands inside of it.  Photo Three  is a dark shadowy figure with bulbous
head and gumby type body, similar to a grey. Standing to the right in the photo.  Photo Four on right shows a dark shadowy figure standing directly in front
of the camera - Again see the cloud that surrounds him.
Photo Five was taken during the Winter months. Again the Cloud and again
an entity standing inside the cloud. Coldness slows the molecules down that
make up the spinning cloud. This makes it possible for the camera to capture
the entity inside somewhat easier.  This alien is more humanoid than the
previous ones .
Photo Six shows two ultraterrestrials standing in a cloud observing the
photographer (Corral Gayle from Burlington) These two are more birdlike in
appearance. Note the beak or bill of the one on left.
I call this ultraterrestrial the "Alien Dude". Brad caught him on camera when he was taking a picture of me giving a demonstration to a group of people while
on one of our tours in the woods outside of Burlington.  After reviewing the photo I realized that we had one extra person in the group. Now this one is
using a different technique because there is no cloud. He could have mesmerized the group, Brad and Myself so that we just could not see him. It would have
to be a form of mind control because although us humans (with brain) could not see him..but the camera (not having a brain) caught him perfectly.  Here he
stands amongst the group just quietly listening to one of my little presentations and no one was the wiser.  The head only shows because he is wearing a
black robe
The Giant Robotic Watcher - Photo Ten

This giant robotic entity was sitting across the street on top of a building
watching me work at the Center during the wee morning hours.  The
reason I took the photo is because my dog Neeko became very upset and
kept nervously looking out the window..Thinking it was some sort of spirit
energy messing around,  I went outside with her camera and started
shooting photos in the direction of where my dog was looking.  Note how
his leg hangs over the eve at the top of the building. This will give you an
idea of how large he was.  
Photo Eleven
This Ultraterrestrial was photographed off a cell phone
while on a night tour in the woods. I felt him and said
something to the group. A lady with a cell phone
photographed where I was pointing and caught him on
camera. Unfortunately a tree branch shadows his face on
this picture but you can see his uniform with the two
golden buttons on the chest and his arms are down with
hands clasp in buddha fashion.  Photographed in 2009
These Ultraterrestrials were standing within a cloud  to the
side and above us as we walked down the trail of the
woods outside of Burlington. You can actually see the
figures of the two to the left. Photo Twelve
This ultraterrestrial being is seen
hiding behind a tree watching
watching group
This entity may be a  post
biological entity of mind
boggling complexity! Or something
even beyond that? Looking far, far
into the future, could post biological
entities have no form, but exist only
as pure forms of energy?
Following  is an example of a post
biological entity I found at this site
Click photo to enlarge - Photo
Photo 14 is a photo still  of the following  video  taken of either an alien or time traveler observing
us as I was giving a tour in the haunted woods.

Besides the capturing of this entity on video, there are also some other amazing phenomena that
takes places...such as a blue orb flying, a small blue probe and two doorways opening creating two
bright flashes of light that no one saw...regardless of the brilliance of light shown in the video.
Although this entity was moving around us and in front of the camera that was filming it none of us
saw him.. he was completely invisible to us . We knew nothing of he event until we all came back
to the cafe and downloaded the camera onto the television for viewing.
Have fun with it.. and know  that nothing has been doctored to create what you are about to see.
Note the florescent green device he has on his arm and the 5 pointed florescent green star on his

It also seems that once he realized he had been detected, he reached over with his left hand and
touched the green device on his right forearm. Seconds later a dimensional doorway opens (photo
Fifteen) . When the doorway is completely open he steps inside and disappears. (Photo Sixteen)

Click the thumb photos for a full size photo of this phenomena.
Click here to watch traveler Video Clip
watch traveler and
portals opening to the 'other
side'....other side to where or what
- we do not know.
Click Here to see full photo This is the doorway just as
it begins to open. The red you see around it is a 'bleed
through' of red light coming from a room on the 'other
side' of the dimensional doorway.   Photo Sixteen
Photo sixteen shows doorway as it is
completely open. Look inside light and
you will see his arm and hand with the
green device on arm.  Note also how
the bright light lights up the faces of
the group and even casts a shadow,
but NO ONE saw this light.
As Stanton Friedman told me... "It
defies the laws of physics as we know
them today"
 Click here for large photo
Ultraterrestrials may have always been here. Some
may have evolved on earth along with the Adamic
man...or may have been here before man even
walked the earth.  All around the world we hear
stories of Elves, Trolls, Little People and Fairies.
Following are a few that I have photographed - so if
you ask if I believe I would have to say "Yes"!
In photo Nineteen we have a troll that we
photographed this year. My first troll!
Click Photo Nineteen for larger viewing
I felt this entity standing between Brad and me so I quickly photographed it. As
you see from where Brad is standing this being is of gigantic proportion.  
Photo Eighteen
Several years ago, we were lucky enough to
have captured two elves on camera. This was
quite a surprise for all of us.
Photo Twenty

Quote from
Dr. Robert Neal Boyd
"If you, in your wanderings in Nature happen
upon an encounter with some diminutive little
people, treat 'em kindly. Then they'll be nice to
And when such an event might happen, treat it
as an opportunity to discover the beauties of
what is beyond the "known".

One final note. The little people are normally
invisible to human sight. Many of them have
their Being in part in another dimension, or
reality, slightly removed from ours. This reality
is right next door to ours, in fact, touching ours.
So I call them the "Almost Here People". In
some locations, there are overlappings of these
neighboring realities, which make the Little
People readily apparent to the normal human
visual faculty. If such a location is in your
vicinity, it is highly recommended that you
spend some time there. Because in these
places, not only will you see the Little People,
but you may well encounter many of the other
supposedly mythological creatures as well."
Sacred Sites are Known for their Strangeness - Including UFOs and Celestial Cities
The Congregations of the Morman Church speak of Voree  (Outside of Burlington WI ) as the
'Promised Land' or 'The New Jerusalem'. Burlington and Voree lie on the same latitude as the
American Stonehedge. Another active spot between these two loacations is Cherry Hill New York.   
Coincidence - I think not.

                                American Stonehenge                      
                                105 Haverhill Rd.                             42.8440
                                Salem, NH 03079

                                 Signal Hill
                                Cherry Valley, NY 13320                  42.7845

                                532 N. Pine St.
                                Burlington, WI   53015                     42.6804
While investigating a little Mormon settlement outside of Burlington I came across some very interesting information in the archives of the Navoo Temple in
Illinois. Apparently this little settlement is considered very sacred to the Mormon community and prophesied to be a place of "The Gathering" during the "End
Days".  According to Prophet Strang this area would be the home of the "New Jerusalem".  From what I have always understood of the New Jerusalem it will
come down from Heaven and make its home here on Earth.  After several years of photographing and studying this area, one night I experienced something
that convinced me that while Strang may have been one for stretching the truth for his own personal gain he may have seen something out there that was
beyond his understanding.  He may have encountered a 'celestial city' that existed above this area hidden within another vibrational world.  He may have
encountered the same thing Corral Gayle and I encountered several years ago. We only saw it once, but once was enough to photograph it and have it
forever ingrained in our memory.  Following are some photos of a celestial city along wit ultraterrestrials standing in a Persian type doorway looking down on
us as we photograph them.   We are standing on the road shooting upwards in the sky . The line you see in the photos is the Power Lines that run along
side the road.  This city was so large we could only shoot sections of it...and we could not see it except through the camera as we shot the photograph.
Photo 21 shows a section of the celestial city . It looks as if it
is of a stone structure , colors of orange, yellow, brown and
green. Note the architectural design at the top. At the bottom
of the photo is a Persian Designed Doorway with
ultraterrestials standing outside the doorway looking down at
us. Their heads illuminate a light (possibly what the ancient
ones called the 'shining ones' and they are wearing black
robes. The line running through the photo is from the power
lines attached to the poles that run parallel to Mormon Road.
Photo 22 shows another section of the celestial city. This
reminds me of some sort of platform with a large object on
it...possibly a telescope or weapon or  piece of machinery.  
Some have looked at this and thought there are entities
standing next to this equipment, but I don't know for sure if it
is or not.
Photo 23 is a cut I did of the equipment on the dock.
Photo 24 is a black and white I did of the cut
Photo 25 is a negative of the cut
Photo 26 is as good as it gets as far as I am concerned. We
were able to actually get a photo of one of the sections with
symbols on it...however I don't know what they represent
and I don't have a good enough photo editor to bring them
in any sharper than what you see here.
The small photo on top overlaid on photo 26 is of some ufos
we photographed over Bong that I reminded me of the light
to the side of the celestial city. . The lines you see going
through the photo are the power lines along side the road
and we were standing on the road shooting up through the
Watch this video as a UFO powers up and takes off into
places unknown. Taken by Corral Gayle above Pine Street in
Burlington WI

The Ultra-terrestrials are highly advanced intellectual beings
that are known to have visited our planet in ancient days.  
While some left there were others that chose to stay and
there are still others that visit us periodically. Some of them
are kind and have invested their  energy and knowledge
towards the enlightenment of the human race. There are
others (then and now) that were not so kind and have used
us for their own personal agendas. Beings who have  shared
earth with man in the past  have made their way into our
myths, legends and religions.

We have been told that our governments have documented
over 55 different alien races , but according to the ancient
Puranas, there are 400,000 human like races of beings living
on various planets and of 8,000,000 other life forms, including
plants and lower animals.

Not only are we not alone in our Galaxy, we are not alone on
our planet. We share this planet with many intelligent species
that have evolved according to their environment - whether it
be land, water, fire or earth - they are here - living among
us---- and communicating.

Mary Sutherland

See you at the Burlington Vortex Conference in October