The Mysteries of Olyphant Pennsylvania
copyright 2005  Mary Sutherlaand
Ancient Egypt's Portal
The County Line (excerpt of)
Carol Crane
John Peruka believes the founders of Olyphant were influenced somehow by powers emanating from Ancient Egypt and other world. Here is how he
explained it to me.

The Ancient Egyptians worshpped the seven stars that comprise the constellation of Orion. The ancients believed the virthplace of their pharaohs was orion
and that when their rulers died, they returned to the constellation.

At that time, Peruka produced a map which showed the locations of the seven churches of Olyphant. Using dots to represent the churches, the pattern
matched perfectly with the alignment of the stars in the Orion Constellation.

Next, he produced a picture taken in the 1950s that showed an earthen pyramid overlooking Olyphant. Although somewhat eroded, the triangular muontain
still is visible on the Olyphant skyline.

John believes that everything in nature can be broken down into triangles. For instance, the base of any pyramid is comprised of two triangles.

John went on to relate "Do you know what the elevation of Olyphant is?". He points out the elevation of Olyphant is 960 feet - which is exactly twice the height of
the Great Pyramid of Giza.

John believes the anchor that adorns the towns southern boundary was a mystic connection to ancient aviators that were not of this world.

This may be true as we have an eye witness on the video clip shown on this page that saw a ufo right over or near the anchor of Olyphant.

Peruka  believes this to be the same anchor that the famous abductee, Betty Andreasson talks about as something she saw during her abduction.  She
spoke in great detail of a giant anchor that she saw along her heavenly journal. Her description matched the Olyphant anchor exactly, according to Peruka.

John related the belief that Olyphant, the pyramid, the churches which align with the constellion of Orion, the anchor and other facts all are an indication the
Olyphant , by design of the Ancient Egyptians, is some sort of a portal to another dimension.

He also pointed out that the outline of the map of Olyphant matches that of the Giant Sphinx.

(Carol Crane is the Citizen's Voice Luzerne County Report. She can be reached at
According to John Peruka's work: The Egyptians worshipped the seven stars of the Orion constellation which are among the brightests stars in the heavens.
Their belief was that the God-Kings or Pharaohs come from Orion and after death their souls went back to that constellation.
Osiris was their most famous God-King.
Amazingly the 7 churches in Olyphant show the exact pattern of the Orion Constellation.

Could the Entrance to the Orions be the Center Star
Could the Entrance to the Star Gate be the Center Marker  of the Seven Churches which is the Jewish Temple.
The primary landmark of Olyphant is this anchor which is situated at the entrance of Olyphant.

Golden Anchor Entrance to Olyphant
anc - Anhk
hor - Horus

Is this land mark pointing to the Star gates of Olyphant?
Dorothy D. and John Pravo, the magicians of the Houdini
Museum own the this house which happens to be right next to
the Jewish Temple, which we believe to be where the portal with
the stargate to Orion may be.
The motto of the Houdin Museum is
"Houdini Lives!"
The above house's address is
229 Willow Street .
Sacred Geometry
2+2+9 = 13
The Temples Address is 227
Sacred Geomtry
2 +2+7 = 11
John Peruka

Jesus Christ is God
Iam the Alpha and the Omega. Iam the
Beginning and the End
I was and will always be Forever and Ever

All forms of Matter and Energy,
both Living and NonLiving
both Visible and Invisible
are combinations of single
electromagnetic pyramids, which are
The Symbols of Creation are the
'John Peruka,  The Atomic Resonance
Theory'. 1976

Three -Definition of Matter
Matter is condense light organized into

Four - Definition of Life
Life is a pyramidal projection of light
composed of
twelve pyramids of the body and twelve
pyramids of the soul .
For this reason, Christ chose twelve
John Peruka 1977

Five - Definition of Reality

Reality is the total 'in-phase'
electromagnetic resonant energy
that a pyramidal entity receives within  a
specific space-time continuum or
Brad and Mary Sutherland went to Olyphant Pennsylvania July 2005 to check out the Olyphant area for ourselves.
After looking at the map , listening to John Perukas story and then walking around the 7 church area, I felt that their was a large electromagnetic field in this particular area - and felt that if there was a star gate there it was going
to be at or near the Jewish Temple area.
That evening we met John Peruka and went back to the Church area, where Brad and I took photographs with our digital camera, using our abilities with 'psychic photography'.
Psychic photography is much like Kirlian except you do not use a Kirlian camera, but a digital and a lot of concentrated psychic energy.
Here are the results as what we were able to capture around this temple.
Definately proving out Johns believe that there is a stargate within the 7 church area.
Strong electromagnetic field with movement inside -with supercharged
Time and Space Distortions
I am shooting upwards from towards the top of the temple.
In this photo you not only see the strong electromagnetic field (red) but also something manifesting
from another dimension.
Nothing should be there except for the temple - as Iam shooting up into a nite sky.
What is there that shouldnt' be there - is the manifestation taking place in another dimension - thus a
portal is in this place.
Time and Space Distortion
Mary Sutherland
This photo was taken by Mary Sutherland  across the street from the
Temple, shooting towards the Temple.
In this photo you can see swirling energy and supercharged moving orbs.
Space Distortion
This photo was taken of the Houdini home that is next to the Jewish Temple.
This home is connected to the other realm as you see the energy of the
home in the 3rd dimension but also rising up into the higher realms.
Also a high electromagnet field with a moving super charged orb (spirit)
Time and Space Distortion
Brad Sutherland got this photo off his digital
which was taken across the street shooting at the
Jewish Temple - High Electromagnetic Field , vortex  
and spirit energy.
Time and Space Distortion
Brad Sutherland got this photo off his digital
which was taken across the street shooting at the
Jewish Temple - High Electromagnetic Field , vortex  
and spirit energy.
Time and Space Distortion
Brad Sutherland got this photo off his digital
which was taken across the street shooting at the Jewish Temple - High
Electromagnetic Field , vortex  and spirit energy.
Time and Space Distortion
John Peruka ( Left) and
Frank Scassellati (right)
in Carbondale Cemetery.
The Universe Gives Us A 'Sign' --or Signs
Going back to our motel, Brad and I got
lost  - ending up on this road. Now -I never
see things as a mistake but as an
opportunity given to us by the Universe.
Many times the spirit will manipulate our
actions and minds to point to something
that they wish us to see . In this case, I
believe they wanted us to realize who these
ancient ones were  -
As we were driving along, I looked up -
yelled at Brad to stop the car - I found it.
The People of Caine. The Cananites  - who
if you have read my work  will know that I
believe them to be the ancient mound  and
pyramid builders.
Note the sign we came upon as we were
CANAAN Township

Now to give us another geometrical
mystery using John Perukas favorite
numbers . We turn our back to the Canaan
Sign looking a few feet down the road in the
opposite direction and we find this sign
looking at us.  Carbondale.
Add your numbers and you have 13!
Coincidence you say - I say there are no
such things as Coincidences.
Another Clue that Brad and I Found in this area is what we believe to be in the repeated use of the name of Susquehanna . There is a
river in Pennsylvania called the Susquenhanna River as well as this particular township, located in  Wayne County , outside of Olyphant,
which is perched on the northeast corner of Pennsylvania, 100 miles west of New York City, 150 miles north of Philadelphia, and 35
mile east of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre corridor.
Susquehanna County also borders Wayne County.

When I first saw the Susquenhanna River, I immediately thought of its root word 'Susqu' which strikes me as very similar to  the root
word in Sasquatch. 'Susqu'.
Surely there must be some reason these areas and bigfoot share the same
root. Click Map
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Basques in the susquehanna valley 2,500 years ago?
Back in the 1940s, Dr. W.W. Strong assembled about 400 inscribed stones from
Pennsylvania's Susquehanna Valley. Called the Mechanicsburg Stones, they
seemed to bear Phoenician characters -- at least Strong interpreted them as such.
Naturally, Strong was ridiculed, for the Columbus-first dogma was dominant then.
More recently, however, B. Fell claimed that the Mechanicsburg Stones are the work
of Basque settlers circa 600 BC. The Basque theory has fared no better than the
Phoenician. Now, a noted authority on the Basque language, Imanol Agire, has
strongly supported Fell's conclusion that ancient Basques carved the stones.

"Noted Basque Scholar Supports Claim That Mechanicsburg Stones Were Cut by
Ancient Basques," NEARA Journal, 15:67, 1981.)
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