Phase Shifting
A phased shift operating on a slightly different wavelength, may also reveal whole new worlds that are very real but vibrating beyond our sensory constructs.
Interference between these wavelengths has been postulated as one answer for ghosts and other paranormal activity.

Since the middle of the last century a great deal of research has been carried out in paranormal and spiritualistic phenomena. A whole new branch of science --
parapsychology -- has sprung up, giving us plenty of evidence that the astral realms and entities living in these realms do indeed exist.

The Cultures of the East and West are very different in their views concerning reality. The Eastern Cultures believe that
'everything we see' is an illusion', the West firmly
believes that the
' only thing that is real is what can be seen and touched , everything else is a product of the imagination illusion.'

Through my our years of research I have come to realize is that 'your' Reality is based on 'your' belief system. Whatever you believe in will manifest in your reality and
whatever you 'don't believe in, will not.

With that in mind, know that if you plan on hunting for the Paranormal , the Mysteries or UFOs  it is a MUST to
'keep an open mind to all the possibilities'. If you can not do so,
you are better off just staying at home, popping some popcorn and watching a good show.

Sometimes in order to understand what is 'out there' you must first understand ' how' you 'see' your reality. Let me explain it to you, as I understand it.

1.) It all starts with the brain and how it is ' programmed' to create your reality . From birth, your brain is programmed as what to believe and how to respond to conditions
based on those beliefs. The programming comes via many ways, parents, teachers, religion, peers, books, television, etc.

2.) Your senses sends information to your brain, which then 'filters' it, according to what it is programmed to believe is necessary for your survival. (much like spam mail filters
in a computer).  Material coming in that is not part of your belief structure is booted out into the trash as irrelevant material. After it has booted out what it thinks is trash, it
then takes the remaining information and processes it into your reality.

3.) Your nervous system works like a two way highway - receiving and sending information. The nerve cells of the body (neurons) talk to each other - passing information
from one sensory neuron to another until it gets to the central nervous system. When the brain again receives the signal it processes it and sends it back to the body telling
it what action to take.

Just like a computer, the brain needs to be programmed in order to process data. Although your spouse may be a sight for sore eyes at the end of a long day ,you wouldn't
even recognize him or her if the brain could not process incoming and outgoing information. Pepperoni pizza may be delicious  but without the brain your sense of taste  
wouldn't be able to tell if you were eating pizza or the box it came in.

None of your senses would be useful without the processing that occurs in the brain. - BUT what a waste of a good brain if it is processing everything according to
'disinformation' programmed into it since your childhood. And unfortunately, that has happened to all of us.

For some of you, the information you have, that the brain uses for processing, is adequate. But for those of you that want more - that want the magic back in your life , you
need to start re-programming your brain to allow more information to filter in . How you go about doing this is quite simple. You simply "Ask"  to yourself  "I want to believe"  
and you shall receive.

"Sit down before facts like a child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses Nature leads, or you shall learn
T.H. Huxley


The key element in this process is an increased application of energy caused from the activated vortex. Due to the conditions in the vortex, you, as a solid matter, absorb the
additional energy.
As your body absorbs this energy, the molecules increase in speed and start to vibrate more rapidly, causing the molecules to move apart from one
another or shift.  Being that your vaporous body is no longer restrained to the 3D physical world it  moves through the veil into the higher dimensions, which we call 'phase

I like to use the three states of water to demonstrate what happens during a phase shift.
Ice represents the solid or crystalline state .
Put ice in a pan and apply heat (energy) to the ice . As the ice absorbs the heat (energy) the bonds that hold the molecules together start moving faster, allowing them to
break free of their  crystalline state and turn in to water or 'plasma'.
Turn the heat up even more on the pan of water, the molecules start moving even  faster . You will now  see steam moving up from the water and disappearing into the air.
Although you can no longer see the 'original' components of water they still exist , just  as they did prior to the increase of energy.
Simply slow the molecules down and the reverse happens... the  gaseous matter  will turn back into water and by putting the water back into the freezer (slowing down the
molecules even more)  it will form ice.

The Vortex mirrors what is already happening to you and the world we live in right now.  During this Age of Ascension, we are entering a time  in which increasing energy is
being absorbed by the molecules that make up our physical reality. They are moving faster and faster, which means that their rate of vibration (frequency) is also increasing.
The basic vibratory rate of the planet is increasing. Meaning -  All of the forms that we are familiar with are undergoing a phase shift!

At the present, we are moving from the 3D solid state to a more fluid 4D reality. By 2012, the 5th and 6th dimensional realities will begin manifesting.  A tip off to this 4D
reality and the  upward shifting is in your awareness that things 'seem' to feel like they are moving faster - including time.   The reason you may be sensing this is because -
they really are!  We are going through a profound phase shift that will take us to the next level in the reality spectrum.

To help you understand this concept a little better, let's review what light is and how it affects our reality.
'Visible' light is energy vibrating within the frequency range that can be detected by the receptor cells in the retina of our eyes. The frequency of vibration of a form of energy
is in an inverse relationship to its wavelength. In other words, the  shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency. Very long waves have a very low (or "slow") frequency.

Our physical eyes can "see" or detect energy in a frequency range that corresponds to a wavelength of 4000 to 7500 angstroms. (An angstrom is a very small unit (1
hundred-millionth of a centimeter) used to measure the extremely short wavelengths found in various forms of radiant energy.)

Visible light (light we can see)  ranges from the color red to the color violet.
Invisible light is Infrared ("below" red) and ultraviolet ("beyond" violet) light . This we can not normally see without the use of  special equipment that extends the range of our
vision.  There are entities and even worlds that exist in this invisible spectrum, very real but vibrating beyond the  range of light that our physical eyes can see. Inhabiting
these etheric worlds  are inter-dimensional entities, elemental beings , souls and astral shells of the dead.

Objects , including ourselves, will become invisible to others - after we have increased the speed of vibration past their spectrum of vision.  To them we have disappeared or  
simply are not there, but   while we are in this increased vibrational state, not only do we see ourselves and physical experience , but we also see them. After we have slowed
down our frequency we once again become visible to those operating in a lower frequency band.
Following is an example of the increased vibration , change in frequency and a phase shift.

Everything is made up of vibrating light which  carries its own vibration and frequency. Colors, emotions, substances, sound, thoughtforms all have an energetic "signature."
Emotions of  fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, and greed  are the 'lower' emotions and carry a lower vibrational frequency. The 'higher' emotions carry a higher frequency and
are emotions of  peace, love, happiness and compassion.
Understanding the Paranormal  and Mysteries
Brad and Mary Sutherland
Here you See the 3D Image of 3D self  and Etheric
Self that is vibrating at a different and faster
frequency than can be seen with the physical eye, yet
slow enough where I can capture it on Camera.
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HM - Psychic Crab -  Catlett.
Crystal Life Technologies - Atala Dorothy Toy

This is an amazing photograph of a type of life
form that we occasionally receive photographs
of. We usually discover that the person
photographing the being, and the person being
photographed, have advanced energy capacities
(even though sometimes they may not be aware
of it). This photograph shows the life form's
translucent structure the clearest of any we have
received to date, the round hinges to its "legs"
showing clearly. In my (Atala) communication with
these beings, they explain that they are "like"
psychic crabs that will crawl over a spiritual
person's aura, and gobble up psychic debris that
has fallen on the person, helping to keep the
person's energy clean for their work. They are
simply present, as a natural part of life. The
round circle at the base of one foot looks like it
might be "feeding" off - e.g. "cleaning up" - some
psychic debris in the gentleman's energy field.
Caution: Many times these may be
mis-diagnosed by the amateur photographer.
These crabs look very similar to a mosquito or
bug, so please have these type of photos
confirmed by an etheric photographer like
Dorothy Toy or Myself , Mary Sutherland
HM - Fairy - Salvador Navarro.
Crystal Life Technologies - Atala Dorothy Toy

Salvador was taking part in a workshop seeking to
connect to fairy energy when he took these
photographs. He sent us several other photographs
as well, in this series. The first image shows what
many believe to be an actual fairy. It is not a moth -
look at the distinct leg separation at the bottom,
which also shows up in the other photos in this
series. The larger image shows the fairy and the
orbs also visible. Atala says: These photos show
what I believe occurs in such situations - the
presence of orbs is in reality many times a life form
whose aura we can see but whose actual life form
itself has not manifested in our camera frequency
range sufficiently to show the form. The fairy form,
while still not fully formed to see the detail, has
nevertheless transitioned enough to see more of
the form. We have on occasion received similar
images from other photographers who have a
natural affinity with these worlds.
Phase Shifting and Understanding Our Spectrum of Reality - Blue Orb over Brad Sutherland's head is an Inter-dimensional Portal Opening up into the Dimensional Worlds

From her book  'Haunted Burlington Wisconsin'  copyright material Mary Sutherland 2006  &  2018

Spectrum of Reality encompasses both that which we can see and measure, as well as that which we can NOT see nor measure. Our human senses detect only about
5% of this spectrum of visual reality. The other invisible 95% , although not seen by very real.
This is a psychic scorpion that was brought out of another
world into our 3D world, landed on my face and attached its
tail to the inside of my ear.  Although you could not
physically see it, Jolene was able to photograph it.  The
scorpion injected something into my person which caused
me to transition into a higher ascension by causing me to
release past life trauma.  As they say, to reach the higher
levels of ascension you can not bring your garbage with
you. This was a 4 day process of releasing, which caused
uncontrollable crying, severe migraine head ache and out
of body experiences , eventually leading to a trip to the
hospital.  It was rough, but in the end well worth it.

We also have ethereal serpents in the woods that do the
same thing as the scorpion, but their bite is no where near
severe as the scorpion... but if bit, it will help you with your
ascension process.  

Whatever we find physical in this world, there is a
non-physical duplicate of it in other dimensions..

Photographing and
Investigating the Invisible

Brad and Mary Sutherland
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