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Portals and the Multi-Dimensions by Mary Sutherland

“The synchronization principle leads to the conclusion
that all the matter we see is synchronized with our own.
There can be many other parallel universes
superimposed upon our own, which differ only in the
phase or frequency of their synchronization.”
Dr. Claude Swanson

According to Quantum Physics, whenever an event takes place or a decision is made in which there’s a choice of possibilities, the universe splits, without anybody noticing… every possibility
is realized but in different universes. Can you even begin to imagine the possibilities here! Oops, I just created another universe, with just that question. And now you have created even more
universes by reading this and thinking about the possibilities – and more universes are being created from all those that have read this passage!

Quoting Professor Fred Alan Wolf, The Spiritual Universe: How Quantum Physics Proves the Existence of the Soul, “ As fantastic as it sounds, the new physics called quantum mechanics
posits that there exists, side by side with this world, another world, a parallel universe, a duplicate copy that is somehow slightly different yet the same.

And not just two parallel worlds, but three, four or even more! In each of these universes, you, I and all the others who live, have lived, will live, and will ever have lived, are alive! (Wolf 1996).

Dr. Claude Swanson , educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University , and the author of The Synchronized Universe, explained to me quite clearly the principle behind the parallel
worlds. I quote Dr. Swanson, “The synchronization principle leads to the conclusion that all the matter we “see” is “synchronized” with our own.

There can be many other parallel universes superimposed upon our own, which differ only in the phase or ‘frequency of their synchronization’.”

In a vortex area, portals are created, which are doorways into the other worlds or dimensions. When this happens time and space become distorted and a lot of strange things can and ‘do’

I have a strange fascination for these inter-dimensional doorways , but because of all the things we have experienced , I also have a great respect for them and what they are capable of.

One may step into a doorway leading into another dimension and never notice they had gone. Other times, it is quite obvious that you are not in the same place nor the same time. Some
people have stepped into them, never to have returned. We have photographic evidence of people disappearing into these portals. I and others have seen and photographed strange entities
that live within the veil. I am no stranger to the phenomena of the portals. hidden gateways. I have watched objects appear from out of the nothingness and have been photographed several
times disappearing through the gateways into the other realms.

When I first started researching the vortices I only knew what took place around us, after reviewing the photos we had taken with our digital cameras while we were out in the field. Later, after I
had gained some confidence in my ‘sensitive’ abilities, I was able to actually hear and see the vortices and the spirit energies. Now, when I step into a portal, I immediately sense the time and
space distortion it has created.

When walking through my favorite portal area in a wooded area outside of Burlington, Wisconsin, I ‘tune’ my senses to the sounds and smells of the forest. Upon walking into a portal, the
sounds of the forest will either become very feint or disappear completely. As if walking into a vacuum, the pressure of the air changes and I will experience a ringing in my ears, a pulsating
sensation in my third eye, which is located above the bridge of the nose , at the center of the forehead.

I will experience a small headache or my vision will blur. The equilibrium is off and I have a tendency to lose my balance or walk like I have had a few too many drinks at the local pub.

I and other researchers have experienced time loops in the portal area – where one action is repeated. For example, I may walk by a tree one time and find myself walking by the same tree
again – knowing I had only passed it once. It reminds me of the movie , The Matrix , when the black cat came walking through twice.

Some portal areas are heat sensitive, causing those that enter to become very warm. Some to the point of breaking out in a sweat. Others have the opposite affect and feel a sudden drop in

Emotions and judgement are affected as well. I have noticed that people I take on tour to these portal areas, sometimes show signs of exhilaration and others become quite and melancholy.

It also seems the oxygen level may drop somewhat . I have documented people, yawning as they are walking through.

Another symptom of experiencing the portals on our trips, is that while some come out of the portal area energized others are drained of energy, feeling quite tired. When this happens I always
suggest that they go home, take a warm to hot bath with one or more cups of epsom salts in the water. Relax, drink a glass of red wine and allow the salt in the water to rid the body of any
negative energy it may have absorbed while in the vortex.

Brad believes the original attitude of a person becomes intensified while in the portal. I agree with him on this. I also believe that a person’s attitude will draw ‘like’ spirits around them. Thus,
negative will attract negative and positive will attract positive. So, my suggestion to you is, stay out of these areas if you are depressed, angry or if you have been drinking.

Physicist , Dr. Robert Neal Byrd states that it is highly conceivable that we are experiencing interaction with multi-dimensional entities.

For those that want to explore the dimensional realms, I suggest proceeding with caution. Although I have spent years photographing these wonders, there is a danger element to this.

While some of these portals are permanent , some are unstable, manifesting for only brief moments in time. Although Byrd finds it conceivable that a person might be able to pass through
these ‘doorways’ , the issue for him, is the return path. If the doorway closes while a person is still in there, the trip could become a one way ride to who knows where .

Dr. Clifford Alford, an ‘Ukdena Uku’ for the Asaga Siddha brought up a valid point concerning the portal exits. He warned that ‘although a person can enter the doorway into the other realms, it
is important that one comes out the same way as he/she went in – otherwise, that person could get lost in a realm of no return.’

I and others have entered these realms quite successfully, but it is wise for the dimensional explorer to proceed with caution and always keep in mind the possibilities of not returning.

There is an amazing place called by the Burlington locals, ‘Dead Man’s Hill’ . It is a few miles outside of Burlington. I learned of this area from ‘Bruce’ , who came into my office to report a
bigfoot sighting he had there when he was a young man. He also said that the Wisconsin werewolf, known as the Bray Road Beast had also been spotted there, carrying off, under his arms,
two dead sheep.

Knowing that some believe that the bigfoot and creatures such as the Bray Road Beast have been reported to be hiding within the dimensional veils, I got a few people together and went out
to the area to check it out for possible portals. These doorways would allow such creatures to move freely about, going in and out of the worlds as they desired.

Dead Man’s Hill was named after an old cemetery that was built on what looks to be ancient tumuli or mound. Of course, to those just passing by, this mound would probably look like a small
rounded hill.

Knowing the great powers of the portal areas, the Native American Indians used them as sacred burial grounds. Later on, the Europeans built their cemeteries on the sacred area, as was the
case on Dead Man’s Hill. The tombstones now lay knocked down and broken by the cattle grazing there. You can see indentations in
the ground, caused by the earth settling in around the old graves
Dead Man's Hill Altar Stone
Altar Stone on Dead Man's Hill

Arriving at the top of the mound (hill) we found an ancient altar stone that points to the winding river below. I photographed the girls standing next to this
stone. Later, looking at the photos, I realized that each of these girls were emitting a glowing blue light around their bodies. Apparently this stone is quite
powerful giving off tremendous energy!

The Native Americans have a name for these stones. They are called Manitou (spirit) Stones , meaning Spirit. According to Herman E. Bender of the Mid-
America Geographic Foundation, Inc. in ‘Manitou Stones in Wisconsin’ “The stones together with their physical setting were considered sacred. A certain
quality remains as they still retain the power vested in them.”

In earlier years, these stones were quite common, but were later destroyed by early missionaries, while they were converting the ‘pagan’ way of the
American Indian to Christianity. More were destroyed through agricultural land clearing. There is also evidence that some were intentionally ‘tipped’ in a
deliberate attempt to disguise their use. Yet, as late as 1880’s , gifts or offerings were still being left at the stones that survived. So..the next time you
encounter a rock which seems to ’speak to you’, consider the spirit (manitou) that lives within and give some sort of offering. I use tobacco or candy, but
anything will do – as long as it comes from the heart. Even a strand of your hair is considered a good offering. Its not the gift , but the ‘intent’ of the gift that

As we stood, at the top of the mound (hill) , we immediately sensed the vortex . We also noticed that the trees were twisted and gnarled from the years of
spinning vortex energies. We also found nut trees there, which is another good indication of a vortex area.

Not only did we feel the sensations of the vortex, but we actually stepped into a parallel universe! This dimension was so similar to ours that we would have
never known about it if one of the researchers, Patty hadn’t been watching the time. Fortunately, I had a radio show to do later on that evening and Patty was
keeping track of time for me, so that I wouldn’t be late getting back to the Center.

At one point, in time, she looked at her cell phone , exclaiming that we had to leave as it was already 7:33 and we were running late. Hearing this, we
headed back down off the mound area and back to the car. The distance wasn’t far and it only took us two to three minutes to complete the journey back.
After we arrived at the car, one of the girls, Sharon announced that Patty was off on her time. Sharon said that , according to her clock on the dash board of
the car , the time was only 7:18 . This was a 15 minute time difference. While the girls were arguing over the time difference, I had Brad check out the time
he had on his watch. His watch also read 7:18 . Well Patty grabbed her cell phone to take one more look. To her and all of our amazement, her cell phone
time now read , just like Sharon and Brad’s the time 7:18! It had actually switched back from 7:33 to 7:18! How strange is that – well you are about to find out.

Fortunately for us, I was doing a show with Dr. Alford, who is familiar with space/ time distortion and portals. I related the story to Clifford about our time
experience at Dead Man’s Hill. He explained that ‘ we had stepped into a parallel dimension while on the hill…a dimension ‘almost’ exact to ours – except it
was 15 minutes into our future. He then went on to tell me that ‘ while we were in the other world, we should have seen things moving about, through our
peripheral vision.’ As he said this, I remembered back to Sharon making comments to us about seeing just this type of phenomenon. He also said, ‘ we
were lucky that we came out the same way as we went or we could have been stuck in that world permanently’.

After listening to Clifford, I now make sure to exit a portal area the same way as I went in. We were lucky that day. We found the portal, we entered,
experienced it and came out safely to bear witness that such places do exist!
Vortex area on Dead Man's Hill
Twisted trees and nut trees are signs of a vortex.
Notice the trees - how they twist and distort .
Notice the scattered debris lying around the  surface of the
Sharon and Patty standing down next to
what we believe to be one of three
manitou (spirit) stones.
Sharon felt a portal at this point.
They are standing IN FRONT of a fence -
but as you look at the photo cuts and
enlargement of cuts it seems that the
fence is in front of them...not true..what
you see is lines of energy running in front
of them.
Notice also the aura around both of the
girls head and how charged the aura is.
It can be seen in the negative.
Running in a straight line up from the stone that was
previously show is this larger stone at the very top of
the mound. It has strange cuts and lines on it and I
have always felt it was a manitou stone used as a
marker by the ancient ones for this particular sacred
I had the girls stand next to the stone so that I could
photograph it and see if it caused them to emit any
energy - sure enough it did - look the bluish hue
coming out around both Sharon and Deb.  Photo to
the right I cut and enlarged so that you could see
better the blue and white haze. No other
enhancement was done.
The stone that the two girls were standing next to points towards the
winding river below which is the location of a burial site and effigy
One Effigy is that of an Eagle or Thunderbird.  
The land between the stone and river is an ancient battle and burial
ground.  By observing the land, one can see the indentation caused
from the dirt settling after burials.
Vortices can be found by watching for twisted trees such as
what we found at the top of Dead Mans Hill.
Also Nut trees - again found on this site.
The Native Americans used to put their burial mounds on
these ancient sacred sites, knowing the great powers
they held. Later on the Europeans put their cemeteries
on top of the ancient burial mounds that the Indians had
Some of the cemetery stones on top of this hill date back
to the late 1600's.
Most have been knocked down by the cattle grazing here.
The farmer who owns this land has now knocked down
most of the twisted trees, destroyed the tombstones and
pushed the manitou stone down the hill with a bull dozer.
He has also fenced off this area with an electric fence.  

I advise before going on his land you find him first and
get permission.
Haunted Burlington Wisconsin
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Burlington's historical district
rests uneasily on top of
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Residents have spotted the
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the old fish hatchery, bumped
into a Confederate apparition on
Academy Road and caught a
glimpse of the Lady in Blue at
the Malt House Theater. Mary
Sutherland spent fourteen years
chasing local lore through the
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supernatural activity. Now she
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mysteries of the Burlington

Wow Mary! Thank you for this information! I experienced a really intense time loop for about 20 minutes but it felt like an eternity and I could never find
anything to compare it to. I remember that I was really incapacitated for a few months after and lost a year of college. I felt like when I wrote an essay
that somehow I should also write the opposite point of view at the same time for it to exist. It sounds like I might have experienced another
dimension by your descriptions. Sherri M.

Mary Sutherland:  When you are out of phase like you describe, basically you are jumping in and out of the world of physical into the dimensional
planes. It is a good thing for the Shaman(walker of the worlds) but not so good for someone trying to concentrate in the physical world. I walk both
worlds and that is how I get all the useful information I share with all of you. But it is difficult at times for me to adjust to the physical world and the
work that needs to be done here. This is where the old adage comes from 'sorry...my mind was wondering' ... Your mind in that case is you walking
in the other world, or traveling . You are physically there, but your mind is in another place...
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