Aerial view of Rock Lake.
Photo by Jack LeTourneau
Rock Lake Research Society
Underwater structure at 20 feet, western quadrant of
Rock Lake.
Frank Joseph, 1992
Enormous Delta Mound in Rock Lake.
Aerial photo by Jack LeTourneau
Side scan sonar image of headless man and
turtle effigy mounds.
Frank Joseph, 1992
Mary Sutherland Copyright 2005
Millions of pounds of pure raw copper from Michigan's upper peninsula and Isle Royale was
extensively mined  in the time period between 3000 BC and 1200 BC. This very copper is
responsible for the Copper and Bronze Age cultures during that time. And when the mining
operations ceased , so ended These Great Ages!

How far back the history of this area goes, is not known, but we can take it back to at least  
3000 BC . During that era the site was called  'TYRANENA' .  It seems that Tyranena was one
of the bases of operation for the early miners and traders of the Copper mined in Michigans
Upper  Penisula. From TYRANENA , the traders traveled down the Rock River to the
Mississippi  then on down to the Gulf of Mexico . From there it was loaded and shipped across
the sea. We suspect much of this copper and raw material gathered during the latter part of
their time here, went for the construction of King Solomons Temple.

Note: Lake Mills  acknowledged the ancient existence of Tyranena and its people by setting
aside some land for a park and naming it ' TYRANENA PARK '.
The Park is located  on the north end of Rock Lake. The quiet  wooded trails lead you through
ancient glacial drumlin kettles and beautiful views of Rock Lake.


3113 B.C - 2012 A.D. According to the Mayans, our present great cycle (3113 B.C. - 2012
A.D.) is called the Age of  the Fifth Sun. This time period is ruled by 4 Earth. This Fith Age e is
the synthesis of the previous four.
(See Ancient Earth Maps)

3000 B.C. Operations began at Rock Lake, known then as TYRANENA

1200 B.C'
Mining operations ceased and the  TYRANENIANS  left the area.  Before leaving they flooded
the site , leaving a lake to protect their dead left behind.

900 A.D.
From the Yucatan and surrounding areas, up the Mississippi and to southern Illinois, Mayan
miners , astronomer-priests came. They established  the pyramid city of 'Cahokia" as the
center for their intercontinental copper trade.  They established their point camp in the same
area as the 'TYRANENIANS' .  This settlement was named   'AZTALAN' -and was a smaller
version of Cahokia.

1300 A.D.
The people of Aztalan leave, along with the rest of the populaton of other mound cities.
Although modern times, claims that Tyranena means 'sparkling waters' this name is very
ancient and goes back to the Phoenicians and the Temple of Jerusalem through Tyre and
Following is some Tyre trivia.

TYRE, PHOENICIA (Sour or Sur, 4th largest city of Lebanon.) It was an island in ages past.
Herodotus visited Tyre during the 5th century BC and described the famous Temple of Melkart
(Heracles). Priests told him that the temple was built when Tyre was founded, 2750 BC.

. It was not until 1000 BC that the city experienced its golden age. In the 10th century BC,
Hiram, king of Tyre, joined two islets by landfill. Later he extended the city further by reclaiming
a considerable area from the sea.
Eventually its colonies spread around the Mediterranean and Atlantic, bringing to the city a
flourishing maritime trade.
Tyre also attracted the attention of jealous conquerors, among them Babylonian King
Nebuchadnezzar and Alexander the Great. Early in the 6th century BC, Nebuchadnezzar laid
siege to the walled city for thirteen years. Tyre stood firm, but it was probable that the
residents of the mainland city abandoned it for the safety of the island.
Greeks attributed introduction of the alphabet to their country by CADMUS, son of a Tyrian
king. The name of the continent is said to come from Europa, the sister of Cadmus.

It was Tyre's purple-dyed textiles, worn throughout the ancient world as a mark of royal rank,
that brought fame and fortune to the city. One gram of pure purple dye was worth ten or
twenty grams of gold, so it is not surprising that some of the beautiful sarcophagi of the
necropolis belonged to wealthy purple dye manufactures of Tyre. Tyrians extracted dye from
Murex, a marine snail that still lives along Tyre's shores deep among the rocks and sunken
archeological remains. Dye extraction is no longer a viable commercial venture, but scientists
have documented the process for historical purposes. Sarafand (north of Tyre) is ancient
Serepta (bible.) Excavations here revealed the remains of Canaanite-Phoenician structures
and Roman port installations. Sarafand still has a workshop where the ancient Phoenician art
glass blowing is practiced.

On the road to Qana El-Jaleel, is a burial monument from the Persian period (550 - 330 BC.)
This has traditionally been called the tomb of Hiram, Phoenician architect of the Temple of

Ancient Wisconsin - Investigating Ancient Structures in Rock Lake Wisconsin W/ Mary Sutherland and Frank Joseph
Ancient Wisconsin- Underwater Pyramids of Rock Lake
Special Thank you to Mark and Travis Enneper for the Pontoon and a great day on the Lake . June 22, 2008
After the Summer Solstice Celebration a few of us ventured on to Lake Mills to investigate the underwater pyramids that are known to exists...some claiming they pre-date the
pyramids of Egypt. This area is of special interest to us being that it is our belief that these ancient people of Rock Lake are connected to the people who built the rock
mounds of Burlington.  A representative from the DNR stopped by our boat and informed us that over 1100 ancient structures have been found under Rock Lake. He then lent
us a map showing where some of the more popular dives were being conducted....
Frank Joseph and Mary Sutherland looking for ancient underwater structures at Rock Lake - 30-40 foot Deep in this area
Steve Gets a Ticket for Being 'Fully Submerged' while snorkeling
"Don't Think So!" Good luck Steve on fighting this ticket. - DNR leaving after issuing Steve Ticket - "Welcome to Rock Lake"
Following are some of the photos we took of our journey into the 'unknown' with Frank Joseph
Frank Joseph and Mary Sutherland  going into the water in search of ancient structures in this particular area.
We did manage to find several interesting structures...including a black pyramid with ancient inscriptions written on it. At a later date, we will go back to photograph structure.
Ancient Maps Supporting theories
that the Aztec and Toltecs were in
North America First -
THEN  migrated South
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Rock Lake - Underwater Pyramids
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