Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle
Through knowledge comes empowerment . There are  keys to empowerment that are simple to understand and easy to put into effect - It's  a matter
of changing your mind and opening up to allow the power of the life force within you carry you along. Suddenly, old blocks and frustrations fall away,
and you find yourself better connected to the universal flow of things.
And that is what Mary Sutherland will try to do for you through these classes - Empower you  -  simply by helping you to achieve a better understanding
of the world you live in and how you connect to this world
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"Welcome to the "Virtual"
Legends School of Higher Learning "
Mary Sutherland
Director and Instructor
Horus,  the first human, the son of Osiris and Isis ...
... A pair of hawks circled above him ... They dropped two plumes which he placed on his forehead, two gifts that fell from the sky - Intuition and Love, gifts from the Goddesses - that he
might walk towards Heaven and his Father and never lose his way�.

For the first time a school is literally being offered to you with prices all can afford.
Knowledge and 'belief' in yourself is of utmost importance during these times and Mary Sutherland has designed this school with this in mind.
The theme is quite simple
"Everything is designed with you in mind."
We have on these sites 'free' information and shows for those on limited incomes .
More 'extensive' sites and archived shows are offered for
which again are offered at the affordable price of 20.00 a year.
And for those that like our work and support our efforts we do accept donations.

Why is Mary Sutherland doing this?
What's in it for her?
As you can see by the prices - not much -  except for the satisfaction of knowing that the information given to her will be passed on to others in the hopes that  they will again share what
they have learned with even more people seeking truth.

There are no degrees or certificates offered here - Just keys unlocking the doors of darkness for your spiritual evolution.

The Fairy World

Communicating with
the Fairies
The Fairy Realm does
exist and Mary
Sutherland not only
proves their existence
but teaches you how to
communicate with them.
Face Signature Portals

During the days of the
Atlanteans, the
magicians used
magic concerning
some portals, in which
they used their faces
as guardians -
From these   Face
Signature Portals
comes the early
stories,of the Magical
Forests, the Haunted
Forests - the Forests
that could Speak or
were seen as 'Evil' by
some but 'Enchanted'
by others
Mary Sutherland delves into the following subjects, concepts, and planes of consciousness that few spiritual teachers ever dare to consider or share with the public. !
These are the great mysteries that have been guarded so well by the secret societies dating back from the beginning of time itself.
Mirrored Worlds

Journey into an incredible
spiritual terrain unknown to
all but the most adventurous
The Mirrored World - a
hyperdimensional reality that
exists beyond the
constraints of time, space,
and intellect. A reality that
lies just past the limits of
ordinary vision. A reality
which, once you enter it, will
reveal the astonishing
power of true, authentic
Guardians of the Portals

There are  many people
who we know to be the
Guardians of the New
Energy - The Gate
Keepers . These are
people who form the
nucleus and nurture a
particular vortex of
energy. These people
often travel to other
places to help in the
opening of new vortexes
or who visit an
established vortex to
return home and
strengthen the energy of
their own portal.
Portal Research

The year 2000 set into
motion a window of
opportunity for enhanced
creation. As a direct
result, the energy
vortexes are now taking
root on the planet. These
vortexes will form the
ultimate connection
between the
dimensional realities of
Human and Earth.
Out of Body Travel
and Doorways
In the situation where there
are hyperdimensional
overlappings of one or more
3D universes, these
overlappings may be of finite
area and last for some finite
time. These overlappings
could allow, on occasion, for
materials and entities from the
inter-involved 3D universes to
"feed-through" into other 3D
universes. It is quite possible
that these various 3D
universes may have variations
from physical laws as we
know them. Such variations
might be small and
unimportant, or these
variations could be wild and
Parallel Universes
Hidden Camelots
There are places that exist
within our world but on a
different frequency.
These places have been
called Shambhala, Avalon,
El Dorado, and even the
New Jerusalem.
and Mind Creations
There are
entities all around us
that we do not see with
or physical eye. But our
energies can attract
them to us and we can
photograph them.
Interdimensional Entities
When the veil drops
people will be shocked to
see what is all around
them. Some so shocked
they will lose their minds -
others will commit suicide
- and others that prepare
now will accept what they
will come to know has
always been there.
Angelic Lights
Devas and Sylphs
Source: Alien Energy
Trevor James
Constable was
convinced of the
existence of invisible
lifeforms living in the
upper atmosphere. He
christianed them a nice
and simple name : Sky
Creatures.  He aligned
his views of UFOs as
ether ships with  
Wilhelm Reich's
Orgone Energy.
The Nature of Orbs
A 'bubble'  surrounds the
'conscious energy'
The spirit orb  is an energy
of consciousness that
exists , while in three
dimensional space. .
Within the substructure of
the Matrix of energy lies
everything needed  for  
seeing, hearing, speech,
memory, etc.
available today.
The Energy in the Central
Matrix is in it's natural state
-  'Zero Point '  where time
does not exist and can
travel in and out of our third
The Manitou Stones
Manitou or spirit stones
were once common,"
"The stones together
with their physical
setting were considered
The Alqonquin
speaking people had a
name or word for
'presence' or
power...(the stones)
possess 'Manitou' "
Bender wrote. "A certain
quality remains as they
still retain the power
vested in them."
Come with us as we
experience the Manitou
Reality Shifting
Can I disappear and
become  invincible to
weapons -disease - even
world catastrophes?  The
answer is yes - I  could
simply 'create' an artificial
reality or shift into another
dimension - and so could
Impossible you may say - yet
we do this everyday without
even realizing it - and now ,
through my interdimensional
photography research I can
prove this with hard evidence!
Underground Tunnels
Mary Sutherland is one of
the leading experts on
the underground tunnels.
If you are interested in the
true history of earth and
how ancient man
survived the last great
cataclysms  then this is
the site for you!
One of the greatest
coverups modern
science has perpetuated
is that of the ancient race
of giants that ruled the
ruled prior to modern
man.  Although the bible
speaks of them -
science - until now- have
adamately denied their
Light Signals
We believe that we are
sending and receiving
signals  - but to who we
can only guess.
Man's own body is its own  alchemical
laboratory, and none can reach adeptship
until he or she has  performed the supreme
experiment of transmutation by changing
the base metals of ignorance into the pure
gold of wisdom and understanding. - Strive
for Transformation !   Mary Sutherland
Atlantis in the

This is a documentary
Brad and I did of our 3
week expedition looking
for the lost mines of
Solomon and the

We were thrilled at what
we found!
Brad and Mary Sutherland
248 Carver Street
Winslow, Illinois 61089
815 367 1006
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Brad and Mary Sutherland
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Haunted Burlington
Price: 19.99

Burlington's historical district
rests uneasily on top of
twenty-seven ancient burial
mounds. No wonder everyone
in the seemingly sleepy
Wisconsin town owns a ghost
story or two. Residents have
spotted the White Beast of
Burlington near the old fish
hatchery, bumped into a
Confederate apparition on
Academy Road and caught a
glimpse of the Lady in Blue at
the Malt House Theater. Mary
Sutherland spent fourteen
years chasing local lore
through the underground
tunnels and eerie skies of this
hotbed of supernatural activity.
Now she stands as a ready
guide to the mysteries of the
Burlington Vortex.
Exploring the Unknown with Legends Magazine
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In this book, Mary Sutherland cogently bridges cutting edge concepts,
ideas, and theories of quantum physics, and beyond with concise
descriptions, drawings and personal photographs from field
investigations. Mary does this in an organized way so that a person just
beginning to look into the phenomena can easily comprehend.

Keep this book as a field guide to compare your photographs with Mary's.

For investigators who have been studying this area of science, there is
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This is a wonderful read and well worth your time!

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