This is an amazing place that was shown to me by a man by the name of Bruce, that used to live in the area.
Here is where the Bray Rd. Beast was spotted about 20 years ago carrying off some dead sheep.
It has always been rumored that the
Bray Rd. Beast hides himself in another dimension..and it seems we found this dimension while we were there.

Dead Man's Hill was named after an old cemetery that was built in the 1800's on this ancient mound.
The tombstones are now knocked down by the cattle grazing there but you can still see and experience the vortex that comes out of this mound.

While we were there we actually stepped into this parallel dimension that the Bray Road may live in.
Luckily we never encountered the beast himself.
This dimension was so similar to ours that we would have never known we had entered it if it hadn't been for Patty looking at the time on her cell phone.

I had a show to do at 8 p.m. so Patty was watching the time for me. She looked at her phone and told me it was 7:33
and that we had to leave. We walked off the hill and back down to the car. ..which was about 2 minutes away from where she checked the time on the cell phone. When we got to the car
and got in - Sharon announced that her clock on the dash board said it was only 7:18 ( a 15 minute difference). Well Patty argued the point about the Brad checked his watch.
His watch showed 7:18 as well.  So Patty re-checked her cell phone - NOW HER PHONE SHOWED 7:15.
It switched back from 7:33 to 7:18. What happened -
We talked to Sir Clifford Alford about this on the show and he told us that we had stepped into another dimension while on the hill...a dimension almost exact to this one- except it was 15
minutes ahead of this one.
He said that we should have seen things moving around while in there through our peripheral vision..which Sharon did.
He also said we were lucky we left the same way as we came in - or we could have gotten stuck in that time frame.
So anyone going onto this site..make sure you go in and out the same way!

Mary Sutherland
Copyright 2005 2018

Twisted trees and nut trees are signs of a vortex.
Notice the trees - how they twist and distort .
Notice the scattered debris lying around the  surface of the mound.
Sharon and Patty standing down next to what we believe to be one of three
manitou (spirit) stones.
Sharon felt a portal at this point.
They are standing IN FRONT of a fence - but as you look at the photo cuts and
enlargement of cuts it seems that the fence is in front of them...not true..what you see
is lines of energy running in front of them.
Notice also the auroa around both of the girls head and how charged the aura is.
It can be seen in the negative.
Running in a straight line up from the stone that was previously show is this larger stone at the very top of the mound. It has strange cuts and lines on it
and I have always felt it was a manitou stone used as a marker by the ancient ones for this particular sacred site.
I had the girls stand next to the stone so that I could photograph it and see if it caused them to emit any energy - sure enough it did - look the bluish hue
coming out around both Sharon and Deb.  Photo to the right I cut and enlarged so that you could see better the blue and white haze. No other enhancement
was done.

Following are some photos Brad and Mary Sutherland took of this hill prior to the visit of  Sharon, Deb, Patty and Mary.

This is a close up of the backside of the manitou stone
that the girls were standing next to (upper photo)
Notice the primitive cuts and lines on it. I believe this
dates back to the ancient mound builders.
Front side of the Manitou Stone
The stone pointing towards the winding river below which is the
location of a burial site and effigy mounds
One Effigy is that of an Eagle
or Thunderbird

Vortices can be spotted by watching for twisted trees such as
what we find at the top of Dead Mans Hill.
Also Nut trees - again found on this site.

The Native Americans used to put their burial mounds on these
ancient sacred sites, knowing the great powers they held. Later
on the Europeans put their cemeteries on top of the ancient
burial mounds that the Indians had built.
Some of the cemetery stones on top of this hill date back to the
late 1600's.
Most have been knocked down by the cattle grazing here.
The farmer who owns this land has now knocked down most of
the twisted trees, destroyed the tombstones and pushed the
manitou stone down the hill with a bull dozer. He has also
fenced off this area with an electric fence.  

I advise before going on his land you find him first and get
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