FINDING A VORTEX by Mary Sutherland

Go to a place that has always brought you meaning, or one to which you respond emotionally, preferably when not many people are around to distract your awareness. The best time to
experience a vortex is at dusk or dawn. The separation between worlds is blurred at these transition times, or when it's foggy (when the waters meets the land)...or on solstices and
equinoxes (when the seasons meet). This is a time of great power.
After you have found a likely spot, allow your mind to become quiet in order to absorb the surrounding energy. Quiet your mind by listening to the wind or the wild life around you …or
watch the tree branches touch the sky.
Empty your mind by putting aside your thoughts of work and problems in life. By clearing your mind answers will come to you on things that may have troubled you.

Imagine that you extend into the ground and beyond your head that you blend into the Universe. Now Feel. If there is a vortex there, you will feel the earth energy rise into you from below
opening your mind. You will experience sensations i.e. sadness, peace , wonderment, etc. The awareness of your surrounding will heighten. Colors will become more vibrant, objects
more detailed, i.e.  the sky more blue or you will notice the delicateness of the flower or its beauty. You will feel the earth energy rise into you from below opening your mind.

If you find a masculine vortex, words, sentences, thoughts and ideas might rise in you. If the essence of the vortex is feminine, you may experience emotions, feelings of being open,
yielding and connected. And if both male and female energies surround you might become infused with a sense of wholeness.

Vortices can be found anywhere …even in your own backyard or home. Sometimes you don't even need to go out looking for your vortex; it will jump out at you without any preconceptions
on your part. You will be minding your business, with vortices the farthest thing from your mind, when suddenly you will be infused with emotions or thoughts that are coming at you from

Trees are very high energy. The Ancients believed that forests of oak held great power and magic. They can even influence the people that live around them. If you have questions go to
an oak tree. Sit with your back to the tree with your eyes closed. Trees are wise and have much to tell. Their tops reach to the sky and their roots ground them to mother earth. A beautiful
flow of energy comes from these majestic spirits.
As the vortex of energy forms in our reality, the earth reveals its presence as volcanoes, high mountains, hot springs, mineral deposits, ends of sand spits near the ocean, sea mounts,
forks of rivers, river mouths, large falls, deep gorges, rock outcroppings, etc.

Some dams are located on vortices, and often mineral deposits, especially gold, denote a vortex.
Many ley lines follow the great faults and waterways on the surface of our earth.
Looking for Multi-Dimensional Doorways
by Mary Sutherland

Photographing and
Investigating the Invisible

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Science no longer identifies reality with the physical
universe, for mind and consciousness belong to the
unseen world.
Sir Arthur Eddington
Portals...Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds
19.99  120 pages
Full Color

Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds
Believe in the Magic Series

In reading my book, ‘Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds’ and my series ‘Believe in the Magic’, I assure you, that you will not be
disappointed. Quite the opposite; this book and upcoming series offer to the reader a unique understanding of ‘All that Is!’

Spread throughout its pages, are photos my husband Brad and I have taken through the years of the invisible worlds, filled with multiple
selves, faeries, trolls, UFOs, angels and more.

This book promises you not only ‘understanding’ but ‘photographic proof’ that Multi-dimensional realities do exist! When you understand the
workings of these multi-dimensional levels, you will then appreciate not only the wonders of the multi-universe, but the ‘magic that lie within’…

‘Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds’ will teach you to not only communicate with the multi-dimensional worlds, but to
photograph these worlds, the entities that live within and the strange phenomena interacting with us.

In this book and throughout the ‘Believe in the Magic series’, I will teach you how the mind interprets your reality and how you can use this
information to create the reality or realties you desire. I will continue to inform you about vortices, portals, time slips, the Oz Factor or Dead
Zones, alternative realities, frequencies and vibrations.

It is my purpose to help you, once again, believe in your own multi-dimensional capabilities and the magic that lies within!