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According to H. P. Blavatsky, each root race is said to be composed of seven sub-races - the descendants of a sub-race of the fourth race (who were fully  -human
Atlanteans) are alleged to be the Australian Aborigines, the Papuans and the Hottentots. The United States has been documented evidence that the Australian Pygmies  
lived in North America, prior to the Native American Indians  
See Little People

Lemuria is supposed to have occupied nearly the entire Southern Hemisphere, extending from the foothills of the Himalayas almost to the shores of Antarctica, as well as
up most of the central Atlantic.

On May 22, 1932, a reporter of the Los Angeles Times, Edward Lanser, claimed to have spied on a settlement of Lemurians who he found living on the slopes of Mt.
Shasta, in northern California. In his newspaper articles , he reported that the local villagers had often met the Lemurians and had described them as being 'talll,
barefoot, with close cropped hair and dressed in white robes. They were well liked in the village and they purchased large amounts of sulphur, salt and lard, paying
handsomely for these goods with large nuggets of gold they had mined in Mt. Shasta.

Lanser stated that they possessed the secret powers of the Tibetan Masters, which allowed them to surround their hamlet with an invisible protective boundary to keep
out intruders. He also stated that their knowledge of science was far grater than that of ordinary humans. Although they claimed to have had lived in American, which they
called Gustama, for several hundreds of thousands of years, they still honored their original homeland through the ceremonies they held on the mountain slopes.

The book YERMAH, THE DORADO, links Lemuria to California. It places Tiamco, the  city of 'Seven Hills'  on the site where San Francisco is now located. The author
writes that they lived there approximately 11,000 years ago where their people had attained a high state of culture.  It's name signifies wisdom and their citizens were
taught Divine Science.  The author graphically describes how this ancient city was laid out in circles, with the Temple of the Sun in  the Center. The Seven circles
represented the orbits and diameters of the planets. The outside circle depicted the orbit of Mars. As the story goes,  in that time  Lone Mountain and the Twin peaks
were centers for the astrological computations.

Scott- Ellito notes that the early planet Venus, prior to it being knocked off its old orbit between Mars and Jupiter was called the 'Lord of the Flame'.   .

The "Tall" Lemurians  may not have been indigenous to our Earth. Some have theorized that their possible origin was from a planet that was  further removed from the
sun and its harmful radiation, such as Mars - or an 'asteroidal' planet. The first Venusians could well have been from there .

It has long been thought by many astronomers and scientists that the asteroid belt, a zone of assorted rocky fragments that orbit the sun between the planets Mars and
Jupiter, are the shattered remnants of an earth sized planet which was overtaken by a catastrophe in the distant past.   

Most authorities seem to agree that the asteroids are comprised of the same materials as Earth and Mars, so it is perfectly within the realm of possibilities that these
asteroids are the broken remains of a regular earth type planet.  The fact that traces of a gas atmosphere are still detectable on some of the larger fragments - notably
Vesta, whose high albedo indicates that there may well be a frozen coating of ice over its surface - tends to confirm that these could indeed be pieces of a destroyed
planet. If this is the case, there is reasonable justification to believe that the original planet might well have once been the home of life forms , just as scientists are coming
more and more to believe was the case with Mars .
See Kivas

In the 1960's a group of physicists from Boeing came together to launch a private study aimed at explaining the many anomalies of the Earth and other planets of the
solar system that could not be explained by normal physics. What they concluded supported Velikvsky's proposals. They came to the agreement that around 5000 BC , a
huge body, Jupiter, careered through the solar system.  This threw the outer planets into disarray, so explaining their present anomalies of spin direction and speed.
Jupiter crashed into a planet that once orbited between where Mars and Jupiter are today and the debris from this planet , they claim, can be seen as the otherwise
unexplained asteroid belt that occupied the space between Mars and Jupiter. Possibly one of the three great cataclysms, could have destroyed in stages, happened
around 10,500 BC and was caused by a closer pass of the Earth by Mars, which has been also knocked out of the original orbit.

James Churchward says there are enormous 'gas belts' and chambers under the Earth and when these 'blow' on a vast scale the land is destroyed. He says that gas
belts ran under both Lemuria and Atlantis. Churchward explains that civilizations existed for tens of thousands of years before Sumer emerged. Central to these Sumerian
accounts were the 'gods' the Sumerians called the Amimma (Sons of An).  Their later Semitic names were the Anunnaki (Those who from the Heaven to Earth Came) and
DIN.GIR (The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets).

The Sumerians Tablets describe a collision between the moons of a planet they called Nibiru and one orbiting between the present Jupiter and Mars. The debris from the
collision created what the Sumerians called ' The Great Band Bracelet' - or the asteroid belt.

The Boehing physicists and an increasing amount of other researchers today bring the time scale for the end of life on Mars to within the period that saw the end of
Atlantis and Leumruia.  Brian Desborough suggests, along with others, that the Golden Age was the result of many extraterrestrial and other dimensional races visiting
the earth and openly operating among the human population in a long period of at least thousands of years. A period when the earth was much closer to the Sun before
these events and that Mars orbited in the area the Earth now resides.  

Dr. C.J. Hymann and C. Willaim Kinsman suggested that the Earth once followed the present orbit of Venus and that Mars was located in the present Earth orbit.   Ancient
legends say that Earth days and years were  once shorter than now and humans lived much longer.  The closer orbit to the sun, Deborough says, would have demanded
that the first Earth races would have been darker in skin tone,  with the pigmentation necessary to cope with the fiercer rays of the Sun.

The Sumerian tablets describe that the Anunnaki left  the earth before the great catastrophes. Those left behind took shelter either deep under ground or in the higher
mountain ranges above the flood waters, which according to the Boehing study, could have reached heights of 10,000 feet . The earth is riddled with tunnels and caverns
, natural and crated, which date back to these ancient times.
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