The pyramids are closely connected with
both the constellation and the great priests,
of the Lemurians and Atlanteans, who held
the records of universal history. H.P.
Blavatsky’s " Secret Doctrine" tells us
that there was a time when the four parts of
the world were covered in pyramids and
temples sacred to the Sun and the Dragon
but the cult is now preserved mainly on India
and China and Buddhist countries.
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According to Sheldon Nidel, 'You are Becoming a Galactic Human' listen to show on Sheldon Nidel on BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio our first civilization here was etheric intelligence and
were designated to be the guardians of Earth but this etherical intelligence also needed the help of   physical guardians of Earth.

Dinoids from the Bellatrix system in the Constellation of Orion and Reptoid colonies from the Constellation of Sagittarius arrived later to inhabit the Earth. The Reptoid and Dinoids allowed a
mammalian species to evolve to sentiency. These mammals were called the pre-cataceans. The pre-cataceans provided food for all 3 colonies in exchange for technology which in turn
improved their production rate further. These 3 civilizations co-existed in harmony trading among one another for over 8 million years. All 3 civilizations developed advanced forms of space/time
travel. The pre-cataceans developed their spiritual side, such as psychic abilities, extensively.

A Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance from Bellatrix , believing they were superior to the pre-cataceans, came to Earth to cease all cooperation with the pre-cataceans and wanted to put them under their
control. Over time, the Earth Dinoids and reptoids became more and more influenced by the Bellatrix Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance.  The Pre-cataceans, through their high psychic abilites, began
sensing the agression against them and came to see the threat presented by the Dinoid/Reptoid civilizations.  Being given permission for the Earth Spiritual Hierarchies, the Pre-Cataceans
decided to implode their fusion reactors located in the Ural Mountain Range .  The Pre-cataceans divided into two groups.
One group evacuated out of our solar system to the constellations of Pegasus and Cetus and the other group altered themselves physically so that they could enter the oceans and find haven.
This group is now our present day cataceans such as the dolphins and whales. The entire transformation process occured over a period of 4 million years .

When the transformation was complete and the later sector was safe, the first sector imploded the fusion reactors, destroying 98% of the Dinoid/Reptoid civilizations, the survivors evaculated
to the planet in our solar system, Maldek.  Now with the Dinoid/Reptoid no longer present on Earth, the Earth Spiritual Hierarchies and the cataceans had to find a suitable guardian for the
land. They searched the galaxy for 2 to 3 million years before finding what they were looking for . They found,  on the fourth planet of the Vega system , a primitive aquatic species that was
starting to emerge from the oceans. This species had creation myths, a language, and a hunting and gathering culture.
The Spiritual Hierarchies of the Vega system were then asked if they would permit this species to be vastly altered genetically to accelerate their evolution so that they may become a guardian
species. The Vega Spiritual Hierarchies agreed.  So, the traces of the first humans came from the Vega Star System. Their technology improved very quickly, and once they had developed star
travel technology they started to migrate into nearby star systems for a period of 2.5 million years.

During this time the Galatic Federation was formed, Sirius B was colonized and Earth was selected for seeding. Later Mars and Venus were colonized and the Hybornea colony was founded
on Earth.  Dinoid/Reptoids in the meantime had built up there forces and were invading the various colonies throughout the solar system.  Hyborean Earth, Mars and Venus were victim to
these attacks and the Dinoids and Reptoids gained control over the solar system for a period of approximately 80,000 years.

In response to this the Galactic Federation planned a counterattack to reintroduce humans into this system. They arranged for a battle planet (4 times the diameter of the Earth) to come into the
solar system and destroy the planet Maldek - which was the Dinoid/Reptoid stronghold. The remains of the planet Maldek are what we can now see as the asteroid belt. After the destruction of
Maldek and the defeat of the Dinoid/Reptoids a human colony was again established on Earth. It is what we know today as Lemuria. Over the next 850,000 years the Lemurians spread across
the face of the planet.  They founded daughter colonies such as Atlantis, Yu which is now Central China and Tibet and the Libyan/Egytian colonies. The Atlanteans began to acquire a feeling of
uniqueness about their culture and wanted to eliminate Lemuria so that they could become the mother country. The Atlanteans began forming alliances with renegade Pleidans and Alpha
Centaurians which had Hierarchical systems of government . They accomplished the destruction of Lemuria by taking the Earth's  moon (Earth had 2 moons in those times) out of orbit by
using force fields until it was as close as possible to the Lemurian empire, and then the moon was destroyed resulting in a catastrophic shower of meteors. This destroyed much of Lemuria,
but this also resulted in many pressures being inflicted upon the tectonic plates : resulting in the gas chambers under Lemuria to implode and thus sink most of the Lemurian continent.


Yu empire would not bow down to the hierarchical rule of Atlantis and Libyan/Egyptian empires and was thus forced to literally go underground. Today, they form what is known as the Kingdom
of Agartha or Shamballah.


Atlantis formed 10 ruling districts, each with their own king. These kings together formed the governing council of Atlantis.- The royal governing council of Atlantis decide that a new form of
government was desperately needed in which a superior ruling class could be established and sustained by their pretense that they had been empowered by a God-Force. Autocracy was thus
born and was in full control enforcing a period of peace and stability. To achieve controll over the populas, they started experiment with the people's DNA and genetics . This resulted in the
peoples consciousness being reduced, life spans contracted and psychic/spiritual abilities dramatically decreasing.

Throughout the years there were many wars  among the various empires due to underground movements of people that wanted to have the Lemurian "philosophy" back in place (i.e. no
hierarchy). These wars led to vast destruction. As a last resort the warring empires decided to attack the opponents crystal temples (which were responsible for maintaining two frozen layers of
water about 15,000 - 30,000 feet above ground which protected people on Earth from the harmful sun's rays and also ensured a stable weather pattern at all times)
Unfortunately, the attacks were made simultaneously and caused the Firmament (the water layers) to be broken down and thus millions of gallons of water thus poured down onto the surface
causing what is known biblically as "The Great Flood" .The breakdown of the Firmament also resulted in the polar icecaps freezing and also the many climatic variations we have today to form.


- Only about 2 million people survived the Flood from an original 65 known million. Unfortunately many of the survivors were the mutant humans  that had been genetically altered by the
Atlanteans into a much lower state of consciousness.  Also, the fact that the firmament was now no longer in existence resulted in the DNA and thus consciousness breaking down even
further. A few different renegades from Pleides, Alpha and Beta Centauri came to different places on Earth after the Flood, seeing it as an opportune time to establish their own desired
ideologies and also be seen as "godlike" and thus reverenced. Being already genetically altered, the surviving humans were therefore  easily controlled by these renegades. - Since no form of
disobedience to these new "gods" was allowed, the concept of ruling by "divine right" became inculcated on Earth. This concept of worshipping an elite has continued through to modern times.
Culture would rise against culture in wars claiming that the elite they themselves worshipped were superior to the elite of the opposing faction. - We are now in times, though, that will finally
bring to an end an approximate 10,000 years of "semi-consciousness" and regain our full consciousness that we deserve. This will be due to our entire solar system coming into contact with
what is known as the
"Photon Belt"


" You were mutated into limited conscious Beings and your cluster of realities was also affected. Suddenly, a new paradigm was adopted that favored lack, limitation, power and division. You
lost your connection to your history and to a sacred set of beliefs, which the Anunnaki and their carefully chosen minions replaced with a new conception. As a result, they ruled you as your
'gods' and 'goddesses'. They brainwashed you to believe that they were your 'creators' and that the past wonders of Lemuria and Atlantis were myths. They ordered their minions to institute
'writing' as an agent of their own glorification. These acts are recorded in the ancient tablets of Sumer, in the steles of ancient India and in carvings found throughout Europe, Australia, Oceania,
Asia and the Americas. Now, as your consciousness expands more quickly, you are coming to see these tales for the elaborate fiction they truly are.

Your origins are not of this world, but are extraterrestrial in nature, and are to be found on a planet that circles the star Vega in the Lyra constellation. Yet, you have achieved more than to travel a
mere 26 Light Years to reach your present home. Many millions of years ago, you became part of a vast rebellion by the Light against the dark in this galaxy. The uprising began in Lyra, Cancer,
Gemini and Orion, as well as in many other lesser-known star groupings ('constellations'). Eventually, this rebellion led to the formation of the Galactic Federation of Light, over 4 million years
ago. At the very core of this battle were the Star League of the Pleiades, the Andromedan Confederation, the Lyra Light League and the Sirian star-nation. Of these, Sirius is most sacred and
the place where the Great Blue Lodge of Creation has chosen to enter this galaxy. Originally, it was defended by a Lion people who decided to settle only on two planets in the Sirius A star
system. Later, with their permission, Humans from Lyra were first to colonize Sirius B and, in time, Sirius C and D.

The Sirian star system is filled with the great energy bestowed by the Great Blue Lodge. This energy obscures its exact configuration. The system is an anomaly. Sirius' energy defies the
physics of stars' normal construction. Sirius A and its companions seem to be what they are not. Thus, to your scientists, they appear, incorrectly, to be exceedingly dense. This seeming
density is due to the energy exerted upon them by the Blue Light of Creation. From within this Light, Sirius gathers up the great energy and disperses it to the galaxy. This energy also
transforms the way in which those who dwell here see themselves and their sacred mission. It has led Sirius to assist in spreading the energy of its galactic society to a multitude of solar
systems throughout this galaxy. The 'Four Great Laws' were presented, long ago, to humanity on Vega and reached their fullest potential on Sirius. Your ancient Lemurian civilization brought
them to Earth and they were anchored here by its descendants - the Inner Earth realm known as Agartha (Shambala).

In the language of Sirius B, our star-nation is known as 'Akonowai', meaning 'sacred path of Creation's Light'. The third and fourth planets in our system circle a blueish-white star. Its light
forms a pattern in our atmosphere that creates a red-orange sky filled with the rare blueish cloud. Most of our vegetation is quite purple-blue in color. Infrequently, it is green, orange or brown.
On our main world, Sirius B's third planet, there is one interconnected sea that contains cetaceans, fish and many creatures unrelated to any aquatic species existing on your world. We dwell
in this land of lush forests, huge mountains, enormous prairies and very high mountains. Our main cities are located some 50 to 200 miles (80 to 320 kilometers) beneath all this beauty. On
the surface are only 144 main temple sites. The largest is the grand temple of Atar, dedicated to the spiritual warrior clan named after our largest bird - a six-foot tall eagle that we call an 'Atar'.

The dimensions of the grand temple of Atar are astonishing. Its main hall contains 576 columns, each exactly 288 perdums or 312 feet (94.8 meters) in height. Its roof is covered with a special
lacework of pure gold to let in the majesty of our Sun. Its floor tiles are inscribed with the text of the Great Book of Understanding, in which the Creator bestowed upon humanity the blueprint for
physicality and the wisdom to fulfill its potential. The main hall is most sacred. The remainder of the temple complex is designed to support and accommodate the rituals practiced within. In
the exact center of this very large hall is our planet's main node. The temple is situated on a huge cliff that looks out over our one great sea. The energy that emanates from it each day forms a
ring of golden Light around it. At night, when viewed from the ocean, this Light seems like a strong beacon signalling to a ship far out at sea.

The beauty of our world is sacred. Soon, the limitless glories of your world will be apparent once again. Despite all that you have done to her, Mother Earth's magnificence is clearly visible from
space. This water-world of yours is utterly exquisite. Soon, most of its deserts and the fierce heat that envelops them will be transformed. Ice caps will vanish and the wonders of your most
southern continent will be revealed. As you help to return your world to its original, pristine condition, recall what we have ever so briefly told you about our home. Like the two water planets of
Akonowai, your solar system embodies much that is sacred. In a short time, Mars will bloom once more, and the desolation on Venus will metamorphose into a land of abundant oceans that
teem with life. Such a destiny awaits you and is truly not as distant as you may imagine.

This realm is shifting in accordance with the sacred decrees of the divine plan which have established a timetable for your transformation into fully conscious Beings. As a result of this
process, we have come from all sectors of this galaxy to form your first contact team. We are totally dedicated to completion of the mission that Heaven has entrusted to us. Right now, dear
Hearts, when much is unfolding in your world, you must continue to focus closely upon your sacred intentions. Be firm in your commitment. Know that your victory is inevitable. Know also that
you are not alone. Heaven has sent many to assist you. They have come from this and many nearby galaxies, and from the vast Orders and Life-streams of Heaven. The will of the divine will
manifest upon this realm, dear Ones. Feel it in your heart and remain united in your intentions.

Today, we have examined the elements that are transforming your reality. In doing so, we have given you a brief glimpse of our beautiful realm, which we all deeply Love. We in this most
sacred organization of Light salute you and fully support what you are actively accomplishing. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts! Know in your hearts and souls that the countless
Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

Was the Leumurian and Atlantean Technical Civilizations helped by the Star People

Although Venus  has been reported as a planet that could not sustain intelligent lifeforms because it being too hot, the atmosphere too heavy and dangerous gases,,  we find life right here on
earth adapting to conditions that us human could not.   Highly intelligent dolphins, with a brain capacity larger  than the humans are underwater in an environment that would kill us humans  
very quickly without a dive suit and oxygen supply. These dolphins would  also die within a half hour in our atmosphere, which is deadly to them! This  proves that flesh and blood physical
intelligent beings can live in an  environment that would kill us and vice-versa! So how can so- called  "experts" claim that intelligent life absolutely cannot live in another kind of an atmosphere
on a different planet? Furthermore, 7,000 feet under the  ocean in pressures that would instantly crush us humans without a heavy  diving suit, biologists have found crabs, shrimps, snails,
and worms living  in 530 degrees F. temperatures, and large worms living in poisonous  chemicals from vents erupting from the sea bottom. These creatures ate the  deadly chemicals to live!  
This  discovery proves that heat and pressures and chemicals that would kill us  are perfectly livable to other types of physical beings.

In the early 1950s, the Canadian Government established PROJECT MAGNET to investigate UFOs. The director of that project, Wilburt B.Smith, publicly wrote that a top U.S. Pentagon official
said that UFOs was the biggest secret they had, even greater than the H BOMB.PROJECT MAGNET has been able to work with Canadian scientists who had continued working on inventions
of Nikola Tesla,one of the most prominent scientists in history. Tesla, who invented the AC/DC electrical current, helped invent radar and much military technology, was the holder of hundreds
of successful patented inventions. He had told some associates and friends he had invented an interplanetary communications device with ideas given to him by Venusians.

Arthur Matthews was the last person to have worked with Nikola Tesla;  In the 1940s, Matthews and Tesla co-authored a book called 'The Wall of Light.'  This was the only non-technical book
Tesla ever wrote. Matthews claimed to have had a close encounter with Venusians. They landed on his property in Canada and told him that Tesla was one of them.  In Matthews own words
we read , 'Tesla had strange ideas. He always thought he came from the planet Venus. He said as much to me, and the crew of a Venus spaceship said in one of their first messages that a
male child was 'born' on board their craft during its trip from Venus to Earth in July, 1856. The little boy was called Nikola, which is the reverse of his family town on Venus. That town is ALOKIN.
The ship landed at midnight between July ninth and tenth in a remote mountain province in what is now Yugoslavia. There, according to arrangements, the child was placed in the care of a
good man and his wife. '

Although we have such negative reports about Venus, it seems that more is going on with this planet then meets the eye.  While we are still theorising on the possibilities of life in our solar
system , around the world we are finding evidence that not only did life exist in our solar system but these life forms came to earth and helped build our technology . Ancient writings in  
hieroglyphics can be found on the Temple of the Sun, in Tiajuanaco in the Andes, describing how a golden spaceship from Venus had Ianded there in the dawn of time. The ancient writings
tell how a beautiful Venusian women, Orejona, had emerged from the ship and taught the ancients the basics of farming, and the skills to begin civilization. Ancient writings to validate this can
be found left by the  Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Mayans, Aztecs, Aryans, Assyrians, and the inhabitants of ancient India and Tibet.  For all of these ancient
civilisations to have fabricated   the same lie would have been next to impossible and then we should ask ourselves why would they have fabricated these stories. For what benefit would have
come from it. None. Next ask yourself why would our governments and corporate religions hold back the truth.
The answer there is obvious.

There are scientists who theorized that Venus could have once had an atmosphere like Earth has today, before a huge "greenhouse effect" ,
greatly changed the atmosphere and raised temperatures. Why is it that most ancient civilizations in our school history books left written records clearly stating that they were in contact with
visitors from Venus? The Sumerians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Aztecs, Mayans, Hopis, prehistoric Andeans, and peoples of ancient India and Tibet
ALL claimed that they were taught civilization from sky people and gods in flying machines from Venus.

In Six volumes of books,  Robbert Charroux, a great French prehistorian, who spent decades studying ancient writings around the world, detailed the ancient Venusian colonizations on Earth
and their intervention with human evolution here. These books  are backed up by carvings and drawings of advanced technology and space travel found in many nations. In large national
libraries in Asia there are also many ancient histories over 4,000 years old, which explain in great detail Venusian spacecraft, their pilots, their missions on
Earth, intervention in Earth affairs, and involvement in ancient interplanetary wars fought on Earth. Some of these writings explain
the method of propulsion of these alien craft in great technological detail, which sounded like legend until recent scientific discoveries proved this science was accurate. Among these ancient
writings are the 'Book of Dzyan', 'Vaimanika Sastra', 'Vymanika Shaastra' and 'Maosola Purva' etc. . Furthermore, a famous 1950s anthropologist/archaeologist, Dr. George Hunt Williamson,
published research describing how he studied ancient manuscripts, hidden in a temple high in the Andes of South America, detailing Venusian landings, contacts, and intermingling with
Earthians in ancient times.

From Charroux's book , 'One Hundred Thousand Years of Man's Unknown History',  we again read about Andes evidence of Star Visitors. The book tells us that  high in the Andes Mountains
are ruins of one of the oldest cities ever excavated, Tiajuanaco, where there are monolithic ruins so incredibly constructed, that archeologists cannot explain how they could have possibly been
constructed by ancients. Inscriptions found there have been translated to state that in the dawn of civilization, a golden spacecraft from Venus landed there, occupants emerged from the craft,
and a beautiful Venusian woman began teaching the primitive Indians in the basic skills of civilization!

The Venusians were there then and are still here today, humanoid in appearance, working and living among us. Many staying here on Earth and others traveling back and forth from their home
planet to here.  Our governments have known about their visitations for sometime, along with other races coming here to Earth but chose not to tell the public, rationalizing that this type of
information would cause world panic.
Wll it doesn't cause the world to panic during the days of our ancients, why would we react any differently today.  Knowing that the government was not going to inform the public, the Venusians
have made numerous attempts to bring attention on themselves to the public. One such attempt was during our Independence day, July 4th, 1952.  On this momentus day, they took  part in the
famous UFO airshow over Washington D.C.flying in formation for Congress, the Pentagon, President, and national PRESS over the White House! This sighting made
international newspaper headlines and the six o'clock national television news! The incident was widely believed by the public until  our goverment  hired the  prominent astronomer Menzel to
invent a hoax explaining away the sighting with too many witnesses. The disinformation released to the PRESS to hide the truth was that the truth was that the UFOs flying in triangular
formations were
a "temperature inversion", a weather atmospheric illusion of light reflections caused by air of different temperatures in layers with
clouds.  If this was the case, why   did the Air Force panic and send up jet fighter aircraft to chase and try to intercept a temperature inversion? "How can a temperature inversion fly in perfect
triangular formation at supersonic speeds, dodge and out-maneuver chasing jets and , make 90 degree angle high speed turns?,
Click here to see photos of space ships and newspaper

Mark amaru Pinkham, , is one of the leading authorities on the ancient Leumurian Cultures and the Venusian connection. Following is Marks report and the show
BUFO Parnanormal and UFO Radio did him.
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The Great White Brotherhood in Peru and the Serpent Masters from Venus

written by Mark Amaru Pinkham

Did you know that the founders of the Great White Brotherhood came form Venus and that many of the branches of the GWB around the planet were founded by spiritual adepts associated with
the serpent? I came to that startling realization some years ago during a journey to Peru.

In Peru I had the good fortune to meet a Peruvian wise man, Anton Ponce de Leon Paiva and become initiated into his esoteric organization, the Brotherhood of the Sun, an Andean branch of
the Great White Brotherhood. Anton was asked to found this organization by sages or Elders living in a hidden village within the Andes. The Elders are direct descendants of the Incas and high
priests of the Incan Empire and have lived in the secret village since the downfall of that illustrious civilization. Anton's blind-folded journey to the hidden village and the Elders he encountered
there is recounted in his books The Wisdom of the Ancient ONE and In Search of the Wise ONE.

Once at the hidden village, Anton was initiated into the Intic Churincuna, the Solar Brotherhood, which had existed since the time of Lemuria, the legendary continent of the Pacific, which is now
mostly at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The Solar Brotherhood was the first manifestation of the "Great White Brotherhood" on Earth (you will find that all ancient civilizations were Sun
worshippers and that the early adepts established headquarters associated with the Sun, such as Heliopolis in Egypt). The Solar Brotherhood was first brought to Earth from Venus by adepts
known as the Kumaras, a name which has the meaning of "androgenous Serpents." You can find references to the Kumaras in the Hindu Puranas where they are described as being the first
teachers of Yoga on the planet. Current branches of the Great White Brotherhood throughout the globe, such as the Theosophists and the Summit Lighthouse, refer to the Kumaras as their
beloved founders. These organizations also claim that one Kumara, Sanat Kumara, has remained on Earth for thousands of years to oversee the workings of the GWB from Shamballa, his
headquarters in the Gobi Desert.

During his week-long stay at the hidden village, Anton learned from the Elders that the Intic Churincuna was brought to the Andes by a Lemurian sage called Aramu or Amaru (the Serpent),
Muru. Apparently there had been a special convocation on Lemuria just before the continent's fabled destruction and Aramu Muru and other "Serpents" were elected to take the records and
power objects of the Kumara/Solar Brotherhood to various parts of the world. Those who later became the Nagas (Serpents in Sanscrit) in India, the Lung Dragons of China, and the Amarus in
Peru, were elected to take the ancient wisdom to their respective countries. Later, a similar convocation would occur on Atlantis with certain serpent masters of that land chosen to take the
Atlantean records and teachings to the pan-Atlantic territories. These missionary Serpents became known in Mexico as the Quetzlcoatls or Kukulcans, as the Djedhi (the "Stable Serpents") of
Egypt, the Druid Adders of Britain, and the Dactyloi of Greece. It is interesting to note that wherever the Lemurian or Atlantean serpents established branches of the GWB they built temples
aligned with Venus and the planet itself became associated with saviors and immortals. The immortal Osiris of Egypt, the savior Queztlcoatl of Mexico, and the World Teacher Jesus Christ,
were intimately associated with Venus.

When Aramu Muru finally arrived in the Andes, he established both the Solar Brotherhood, as well as the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, thereby grounding the infinite light of the Solar Spirit in
his new land. The headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays became A hidden monastery in the Andes, the Monastery of the Seven Rays, was built as the heaquarters of the
Brotherhood of the Seven Rays and served as both a storehouse for Lemurian power objects and as a school for the dispensation of the sacred Lemurian teachings.

In recent times proof of the existence of the Monastery of the Seven Rays has come from a small group who traveled to the monastery in the 1960s. George Hunt Williamson, author of Secret of
the Andes, later interviewed the members of this party to write his book about the abbey. One women of the group, Sister Thedra, spent five years at the abbey undergoing intensive spiritual
training and initiations. She had been sent there by Jesus Christ who had physically appeared to her and spontaneously cured her of cancer. He introduced himself to her by his true, esoteric
name, "Sananda Kumara," thereby revealing his affiliation with the Venusian founders of the Great White and Solar Brotherhoods. When Thedra eventually left Peru, she traveled to Mt. Shasta
in California and founded the Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara. Through the work of Sister Thedra and her organization the Kumaras have disseminated information concerning their
history and the coming Earth changes.

But back to the story...Eventually Aramu Muru became the first priest king of the Incas and was thereafter known among his adopted people as Manco Kapac. Ka-pac means "spiritually wealthy"
or "Serpent Wisdom" (many of the great Serpents of the GWB have denoted their serpent wisdom by including the K sound in their names, such as Kumara, Christ (pronounced Krist), Krishna,
Kukulcan). Following his coronation, Manco Kapac took one of the power objects stored within the Monastery of the Seven Rays, the great Solar Disc, and hung it within the main temple of the
Incas, the Intiwasi, which was built in Cuzco, Peru. This Solar Disc had previously hung within an important temple of the Solar Brotherhood on Lemuria and was an important symbol of the
organization. By hanging it within the Intiwasi, Manco officially established the Solar Brotherhood in Peru. Later, when the Spanish invaded Peru, the Solar Disc was returned to the Monastery of
the Seven Rays for safekeeping.

Before and after building the city of Cusco, capital of the Incan Empire, Manco Kapac and the Kapac Cuna, members of the Solar Brotherhood from Lemuria who arrived in the Andes at about
the same time Aramu did, built many megalithic temples in Peru, such as those at Tiahuanaco, Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, and Machu Picchu. These became contact points for visiting
Venusians and members of the Solar and Great White Brotherhoods on Earth.

The wisdom of the Solar Brotherhood was evetually passed down through the lineages of Inca priest kings and high priests of Peru. Throughout their history, the Incan kings were always
associated with the serpent and wore braclets and anklets of slithering serpents to reveal their affiliation. Some monarchs included the Quechuan name for serpent, Amaru, within their royal
titles, such as the Inca Tupac Amaru.

Before the complete destruction of the Incas by the Spanish, the high priests of the Incan Solar Brotherhood escaped to a hidden village in the Andes where they carefully preserved the
wisdom of their ancient organization. For many years this wisdom was kept secret until Anton was invited to visit. He was instructed to take the history and teachings of the Solar Brotherhood
into the outer world and found an extension or "outer retreat" of the organization. This outer retreat, now known as Samana Wasi, became located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is both the
headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Sun as well as a home for abandoned children and old people.

Currently the Elders of the hidden village are in close contact with many of the planetary and galactic brotherhoods on Earth and throughout the universe.

Mark Amaru Pinkham
(Soluna Tours)


The SANAT KUMARA  (Kuma Ra = Guardian of the Divine Fire) is the  LORD OF THE WORLD

According to the Tibetan Buddhists, Ruadra Chakri is the king of Shambhalla and Lord of the World. It is said that Sanat Kumara dwells "in Jana Loka, his own sphere or spiritual state" along
with the other 7 and 105 Kumaras. The Jana Loka is the fifth Divine Loka, which is located, it is said, "beyond the Solar System." The Theosophists know him by Sanat Kumara. He is also the
Earthly representative of our Planetary Logos.  The Sanat Kumara  is known by many names and following is a list of those names.

Other names for Sanat Kumara
The Seed
The Great Sacrifice
The One Initiator
The Voluntary Exile
The Silent Watcher
The One Kumara
The Lord of Flame
The Ancient One
The Mighty Lord of Fire
The Point of Blue within the hidden diamond
The Root-Base (relating to the Earth as the base center)
The Son of Will and Yoga (the first ray Monad--the first ray Rishi)
The One Set Apart (as all initiates are set apart)
The Tree (the chain of Hierarchy)
The Ever-Living-Human-Banyan
The First Hierophant
He who changes form, yet remains ever the same
Lord of the Sacred Isle (or Shambhalla)
The First of the First
The One and the Supreme
The Youth of Eternal Summers
The Youth of Endless Summers
The Youth of Timeless Aeons
The Light of Life Itself
The Wondrous One
The Lord of Venusian Love
The Great Kumara within the Flaming Sword
The Peace of All the Earth
Fountainhead of the Will of the Planetary Logos
Jagan-Natha, Sanskrit for Lord of the World. ("Jagernath" is the common pronunciation. Hence the word: "juggernaut," irresistible force.)
Lokapati and Locan²tha, the Lord of the World
Vishnu Krishna
Padmapani Chenresi (the lotus-bearer) or Avalokitesvara
Chenresi Vanchug, the powerful and all-seeing
Protector of Tibet
Savior of Humanity
Chantong, he of the 1,000 eyes
Jigten-gonpo, Protector and Savior against evil
Hermes, the Interpreter


According to the writings of H. P. Blavatsky, the  Atlanteans were giants, whose physical beauty and strength reached their climax, in accordance with evolutionary law, toward the middle period
of the fourth sub-race. The records speak of their giant intellect and their giant size. They built great images, 27 feet high -- the size of their bodies. The statues found by Cook on Easter Island
measured almost all 27 feet high and eight feet across the shoulders. The days when matter would be in its full sway on earth and man would reach the apex of physical development in
stature and animality, came to pass during the period of the middle point of their race. Since then, man began decreasing in stature, strength and years.

Although the Sumerians and Phoenicians were given credit by history as the inventors of writing , writing was perfectly known to the Atlanteans. It was invented by them, and not at all by the
Phoenicians. It was from the Fourth Race that the early Aryans got their knowledge of the "bundle of wonderful things," the Sabha and Mayasabha, mentioned in the Mahabharata, the gift of
Mayasur to the Pandavas. It is from them that they learned aeronautics, Viwan Vidya (the knowledge of flying in air-vehicles), and therefore their great arts in meteorography and meteorology.

According to the Brahmans, this country had attained a high civilization, and the peninsula of Hindustan, enlarged by the displacement of the waters at the time of the grand cataclysm, has but
continued the chain of the primitive traditions born in this place. These traditions give the name of Rutas to the people who inhabited this immense continent, and from their speech was
derived the Sanskrit."

The Hindus possess recorded observations from the date of the first Great Flood within the Aryans, historical memory. One million years are allowed for our present Aryan Fifth Race, the first
sub-race of which witnessed the doom of the last of the populations of the giant Atlanteans, that which submerged the last portions of Atlantis, 850,000 years ago. The Secret Doctrine declares
that most of the later island Atlanteans perished in this interval between 850,000 and 700,000 years ago, and that the Aryans were 200,000 years old when the first great island or continent
was submerged. But the destruction of the famous island of Ruta, in the later Pliocene times, and the smaller one of Daitya, must not be confounded with the submersion of the main continent
of Atlantis during the Miocene period.

After the submersion of Ruta (850,000 years ago) there was no great submersion until the day of Plato's Atlantis, or Poseidonis, which belongs to historical times. Plato's Atlantis perished
between water below and fire above; its great mountain vomiting flames all the while. The "fire vomiting monster" (the peak of Teneriffe?) survived alone out of the ruins of the unfortunate
island. A number of small islands scattered around Poseidonis had been vacated, in consequence of earthquakes, long before the final catastrophe. The last of the islands of the Great
Atlantis -- Poseidonis, which lasted until about 12,000 years ago -- alone remained in the memory of man, thanks to some written records.
Venus-Anomalous Triangle
This is an image from the Russian Venera spacecraft.
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Three Venusians . Val Thor reported to have
lived in the sub-levels of the White House
for a period of time.
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