Bottomless Lakes of Honey Creek, Wisconsin
Mary Sutherland   copyright 2005

Mounds of Burlington WI

It recently came to my attention that there was bottomless lakes in the Honey Creek area, off Rustic Road, between Burlington and Honey Creek Wisconsin.
Apparently these two lakes and a spot (Black Point) in Lake Geneva are similar to the bottomless Lake Superior - all having some very small and rare fish that is only found in these
As the story goes - this was discovered due to a car accident in Lake Geneva. Some young man was driving his car and dumped it in the Lake while trying to evade some police during
a chase. The car and young man sunk and could not be recovered. The boys parents had the resources finacially and out of desperation contacted the crew of JACQUE COSTEAU .
Costeau's crew came to Lake Geneva, bringing with them a small submarine . They took the mini-sub down as far as they could, but ran into problems as they discovered an
underground river that the lake empties into - of which they were almost sucked in.  From what I understand this underground river comes down from Greenland , under Lake
Superior , to this area  - then west to Nevada - out under the Pacific Ocean - to the Malaysian
Countries - back up under Europe and into Greenland again.
( Iam in the process now of trying to get more information on this underground river)
While the crew of Jacque Costeau was in Lake Geneva, there was another incident that occured in Honey Creek. They contacted the JC
Crew asking that they check out this particular lake at Honey Creek, of which they did.  To their surprise , they found ANOTHER bottomless lake ----and then ANOTHER!  Two lakes
very close together , both dumping into this underground river that apparently runs around the world.
How many of these lakes are  in this area, are unknown to me, but we do at least know of these three.
These lakes , along with Lake Superior , all have some interesting things in common.  - and that is the mysteries that they share.
Mysteries of Lake Monsters, Big Foot, Strange Lights being seen in the sky and in the water ,paranormal activity and the Mound Builders.
Near to the lakes over by Honey Creek is a special place that I have 'coined' the
Enchanted Forest by day and Haunted Woods by night.
I was drawn to this area in 2004 and have been able to experience and photograph some amazing paranormal activity. It was only April 2005 that I learned of the bottomless lakes in
the area.  Surrounding these lakes are ancient mounds. I will be researching this area and updating this site as time goes on.
Photos will be put in
this photo album of which you are welcome to view and use as long as you give credit to the Burlington Paranormal and UFO Research Center as owner of photos.
Photos show a beautiful mound  which is to the left of the second bottomless lake .  Go to top of the hill , past the haunted woods parking lot, turn on first left.  Lake can be seen
further down the road on the right side.  This entire area is literally filled with ancient mounds. This is the back side of the Haunted Woods
Photo one is of the one of the bottomless lakes  and the wooded area around it.
You can find it on the Rustic Road going towards Honey Creek, coming from
Burlington. On Right side of road over a 70 ft. cliff area.
Bottomless Lakes of Honey Creek
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"Thanks to the introduction of new state and Federal laws, Wisconsin's
remaining mounds have now been protected.
According to the Burial Site Protection Law of 1985, Wisconsin progressively
defined all Native American mounds as human burial places. The law protects
them from disturbance and destruction, as it does for all cemeteries and
family plots.